York University Bergeron Centre, Toronto, ON

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Project Details

Architect: ZAS
Owner: York University
General Contractor: Laing O'Rourke
Building Descrption: 169,000 sq ft university building
Completion: Summer 2015
Certifications: LEED Gold
CMU Supplier: Permacon

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University features green CMU

Permacon licensed the CarbonCure Technology to manufacture the concrete masonry units (CMUs) in the Bergeron Centre using post-industrial CO₂ emissions captured from a Courtright, Ontario-based manufacturing plant. The amount of CO₂ sequestered in the CMUs in this project is equivalent to the amount absorbed by 50 full-grown trees throughout a year!


Project CO₂ Reductions

CarbonCure CMU used in project:  116,621 masonry units
Total CO₂ sequestered (CO₂ in):  1,236 kg CO₂
CO₂ Penalty* (CO₂ out) : 195 kg CO₂
Net Benefit = Total CO₂ reduction of 1,041 kg CO₂

This is equivalent to the same amount of CO₂ that would be sequestered by 1 acre of forest in one year (EPA, 2014).

*Energy required for processing and transportation of waste CO₂

Marcus Poirier Sales Manager Permacon CarbonCure.jpg

“We are proud to supply product with captured and converted CO₂ to such an inspiring building. The York University Bergeron Centre building raises the bar for design in higher education buildings.”

- Marcus Poirier
Sales Manager, Permacon

Christie Gamble