725 Ponce, Atlanta, GA

725 Ponce CarbonCure Thomas Concrete.jpg

Project Details

Architect: Cooper Carry, Inc.
Engineer: Uzun+Case, LLC
General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie
Concrete Supplier: Thomas Concrete - Buckhead
Building Description: 360,000 square foot retail office
Completion: 2018

Thomas Concrete CarbonCure.jpg


Thomas Concrete poured 48,000 cubic yards of concrete made with the CarbonCure Technology, diverting 680 metric tonnes (1.5 million lbs) of CO₂ from the atmosphere. 

That’s equivalent to 800 acres of US forest sequestering CO₂ for a year.

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“Uzun+Case, with input from Thomas Concrete, specified the CarbonCure Technology to reduce the carbon footprint of 725 Ponce. We’re proud to have saved 1.5 million lbs of CO₂ while maintaining our high quality standards for concrete."

- Rob Weilacher
Engineer of Record, Uzun+Case

Brian Jeffcock