Schools Across Province of Nova Scotia - Halifax, NS


Project Overview

Owner: Halifax Regional Municipality
CMU Supplier: Shaw Brick
Total CO₂ Saved (all schools): 6,719 kg (14,812 lbs)


Shaw Brick uses CarbonCure blocks to build schools across Nova Scotia

Since 2017, Shaw Brick used blocks made with sequestered carbon dioxide (CO2) for six schools across the company’s home province of Nova Scotia, supplying nearly 450,000 blocks in total for those projects. As a result, Shaw Brick has reduced the embodied carbon footprint of each of these buildings, saving a combined total of 6,719 kg (14,812 lbs) CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

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Shaw Brick has been a supporter of CarbonCure from the beginning for a reason - we believe in the Technology and its ability to reduce carbon emissions of the built environment. We are proud to have been able to supply CarbonCure block to several schools in our home province.

John-Nevan McCulloch, Technical Sales, Shaw Brick

Project Photos

Bible Hill Consolidated - Truro

Architect: Fowler Bauld & Mitchell (FBM) Architects 
Completion: 2017

Bridgetown Regional Community School - Bridgetown

Architect: Architecture49
Completion: 2018
Contractor: Marco Group

Dartmouth South Academy - Dartmouth

Architect: DRKR Architects
Completion: 2018
Contractor: Marco Group

Islandview High School - Eastern Passage

Architect & Engineer: EXP
Completion: 2018

Halifax South Peninsula Elementary School - Halifax

Architect: Architecture49
Completion: Target 2019-2020
Contractor: Marco Group

Tatamagouche Regional Academy - Tatamagouche

Architect: Nycum and Associates
Completion: 2018
Contractor: Marco Group

Brian Jeffcock