10 Reasons Why the Size of Your QC Team Doesn’t Matter for Success with CarbonCure

By Shannon Seipel, Technical Services Manager, CarbonCure Technologies

You don’t have to have a robust quality control team to use CarbonCure’s innovative technology to improve sustainability and reduce costs.

I can say this with confidence because I lead CarbonCure’s Technical Services Support team. Our group provides wrap-around services to help ensure the success of regional concrete producers across North America. We become an extension of your quality control team.

Our technology uses reclaimed carbon dioxide (CO2) from other industrial sources and injects it into the concrete like an admixture. The CO2 undergoes a chemical reaction converting it to a mineral, effectively eliminating the CO2 forever, while adding strength. The cement content can then be reduced, improving sustainability and reducing costs. 

While the science can be a bit complex, installing and using the technology is not. Here are 10 reasons why the size of your QC team doesn’t matter, and how you can rely on us to do the heavy lifting.

1. We won’t waste your time.

The biggest factor for the success of CarbonCure is not your QC team; it’s your cement. There are numerous types of cement, each with a different composition. If you send us your mill cert and a sample of your cement, we’ll analyze its reaction with CO2. If it’s compatible, we can put together a plan that will work for you no matter how big or small your operation is or what your quality control capabilities are. Exploring this doesn’t cost you a dime.

2. We’ve been in your shoes.

My entire team comes from the construction industry. Everyone has hands-on experience working in quality control at a ready mix plant or has extensive laboratory experience working with concrete, testing concrete, managing variables and working with mix design in both ready mix and precast. When we come alongside your team to implement the technology, there is nothing we are asking for that we haven’t done ourselves in our previous roles. 

3. Customized, not cookie cutter.

The CarbonCure install is tailored to your operations, whether you are doing residential work, commercial work or something in between. Each producer we work with is different, even if they are the same size and have the same number of plants. They operate differently. They do things differently. So, we take time to customize the onboarding and testing plans we put in place to make it uniquely for you. 

4. We’re here for you.

Our Technical Services and Support team members are regionally based, so we ensure you have “boots on the ground” with you throughout the implementation process. Each customer has one technical services engineer who is responsible for your account and one technical services representative who is on site to help test the mixes, collect and enter data. We’re on site to do the work and answer questions until you’re up and running, and once you’re all set, we’re committed to working with you as much as needed to ensure your ongoing success. 

5. We do the math.

There’s a bit of heavy lifting in the first few weeks with data collection and entry, first to get a baseline on your original mixes, and then again once CarbonCure is added and the mixes are optimized. Having the baseline allows us to demonstrate how the CarbonCure mix is performing and to make recommendations to optimize. 

6. Stress-free testing.

Not every producer has testing capabilities. If that’s the case, when we’re on site we can jump in and do it ourselves or work with your third-party testing agency or help you find one.  Whatever route you choose, we’ll provide a detailed testing plan to give you confidence and peace of mind. 

7. We help you optimize your mixes (if you want us to).

We can give you the data and you can run with it to optimize your own mixes, we can make recommendations on your mix design, or we can even redesign your mixes. For example, for one customer we recommended a five per cent cut in cement, and that’s all the information they needed. We’ve helped other customers yield their mix. It’s a huge added value at no extra cost.

8. Product education included.

It’s important that everyone in your operation has a good understanding of CarbonCure’s technology, and the value it brings to your whole organization. This is especially true for delivery drivers, who are some of your most frequent client-facing employees. They may get questions from your clients, and you’ll want them to be knowledgeable and consistent in answering those questions, to not have any misunderstandings that might undermine your customer’s confidence in your concrete. We provide in-person and remote training as well as educational support materials for all your employees.  

9. We can help you grow.

Typically our customers first start using CarbonCure in performance-based mixes, because it’s the easiest for them. But with the added support of our Technical Services and Support team, some have been able to move into the commercial market. Our team can help with mix designs or with providing additional test data required to satisfy the engineer. We’re here to support you when you are ready to put CarbonCure on commercial projects or work with Departments of Transportations (DOTs).

10. You can check our references.

We have more than 400 systems installed with close to one hundred clients, including many regional producers. Examples include Conewago Manufacturing in Pennsylvania, Bay Ready Mix in Maryland, Otsego of New York, and Iowa City Ready Mix in Iowa: 

“We’re a small team with only three people in the office so we run a lean operation. It was very easy to install and the ongoing process is easy. It works for us. Plus, we now have a green product we’re proud to be using.”

Matt Knepper, General Manager, Iowa City Ready Mix 

“Jeff [from the Technical Services and Support team] was able to accomplish the testing while our plant was running at full production. He brought a great knowledge of our business to his work. He also has a great ability to work with our team to allow everyone’s goals during the day to be achieved.”

Nate Tarbox, Manager, Bay Ready Mix of Maryland

“If I put a submittal together that uses CarbonCure's technology, I attach some of the literature and results from the diagnostic tests, and can ask them to take a look. We submit it with our project proposal."

Bob Harlem, Owner, Otsego Ready Mix and Oneonta Block

If you’re interested in learning more about CarbonCure’s TSS program, please contact us today.

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