CarbonCure’s Foundations Program: Customer Success That’s Built to Last

When you partner with CarbonCure, you aren’t just getting a CO2 injection technology: you’re getting the backing of CarbonCure’s Foundations Program, one of the most comprehensive customer support initiatives in the industry. 

The CarbonCure Foundations Program gives you a team of highly-specialized concrete and marketing experts dedicated to your success, every step of the way. We ensure you are provided with ongoing support throughout each stage of your journey — from onboarding, installation and testing, to technical support and market development services that continue far past the onboarding process. As long as you’re a customer, we will always be just a phone call away.

At other companies, these services can cost tens of thousands a year; but at CarbonCure, they don’t cost a thing. We succeed when you do — it's just part of what we do. 

The program is made up of five pillars dedicated to your success: customer operations, installation and commissioning, technical services and support, and market development services, alongside cutting-edge digital tools built for concrete producers.  

Pillar One: Customer Operations

CarbonCure’s Customer Operations Team manages your introductory experience and ensures your success throughout the entire CarbonCure customer journey.

When you partner with CarbonCure, you are assigned a dedicated Customer Operations Specialist who guides you through a carefully constructed onboarding process, beginning with a kick-off call where we will gather and discuss all of the critical information needed to get started. Together, through targeted calls with select personnel from each department, we will create a tailored implementation plan tied to these goals, agreeing on targets, timelines, and responsibilities.

The Customer Operations Specialist is on-call for you throughout the entire onboarding journey,  and is there to remove any barriers as you progress along your implementation roadmap. 

“The onboarding video calls were great because we got a lot of the questions resolved right away — a lot of the concerns were alleviated early on. It was so much better than just giving us literature to leave us to figure it out on our own.”

Stephen Fleming, Vice President of Performance, Point Ready Mix

Pillar Two: Installation & Commissioning

Whether in person or remotely, our Installation and Commissioning team will guide you through retrofitting CarbonCure to your plant and optimizing the CO2 injection rate. We will then walk you through the CO2 injection process and how CarbonCure integrates with your batching systems.

We will also provide you with telemetry (your usage data) for customer support and ongoing, real-time system monitoring so you can rest assured that you’re ready to go, and that we are keeping an eye on things in the background and can jump in and help when needed.

“Installing a new technology and integrating it into our existing operations does come with some initial hesitation; however, the staff at CarbonCure were very attentive to us and addressed all of our concerns immediately.”

Ryan Cialdella, VP Research and Development, Ozinga Ready Mix

Pillar 3: Technical Services & Support

Before any contracts are signed, our Technical Services and Support (TSS) team will consult with you to answer any technical questions you may have, ensuring that CarbonCure is the right fit for your business. When it’s determined that it’s a fit, TSS will work closely with you to define the right implementation plan catered to the unique needs of your plant.

TSS is there to ensure that you select the right mixes to optimize with CarbonCure and achieve the agreed upon cement cut goals. Your designated Technical Services team member runs your designated mixes through a battery of tests to ensure your mixes perform up to your standards, and that the testing data is collected, organized and shared in an accessible way.

CarbonCure’s TSS Team acts as an extension of your quality control team for the duration of the partnership. We work with you — in person at your plant and remotely, day or night — to test, analyze, and optimize, so you always achieve the perfect mix for your requirements.

"The members of CarbonCure’s TSS team are like unpaid employees in our company. We trust them enough to use them as sounding boards for our team. We regularly call them up and run through our mix designs or challenges we come up against — even when it is unrelated to CarbonCure."

Nate Tarbox, General Manager, Bay Ready Mix

Pillar 4: Market Development

Once you’re up-and-running, our Market Development Team will help train and empower your team so you’ll be able to maximize new business opportunities with CarbonCure.

We will work on internal communications and training, external announcements, and provide sales and customized, co-branded marketing materials targeted to your local architects, designers, engineers and contractors. We also have a project lead sharing program for regional architecture, engineering, and construction prospects interested in specifying CarbonCure concrete.

The market development resources we provide include:

  • Customized marketing materials for your audience
  • Internal communications tools for your staff
  • Sample specification language
  • Mix submittal documentation to support winning bids
  • Training programs for sales and marketing team members
  • Promotional AIA-accredited sales presentations
  • Lead sharing program for regional AEC prospects

“I was skeptical about whether a lower carbon footprint would help us generate business in our region, but CarbonCure’s sustainability messaging has yielded results. We are seeing a lot of success with CarbonCure, not only commercially, but also with residential home builders across the Midwest. It has exceeded my expectations.”

Jeff McPherson, Vice President of Sales, Irving Materials, Inc.

Pillar 5:  myCarbonCure

You’ll also get access to myCarbonCure, which not only gives you resources and real-time insights into your production volume and system usage, but helps you increase the profitability of your business. myCarbonCure also serves as an online concrete intelligence platform to help you unlock new revenue streams through our Carbon Credit Program and find additional opportunities to reduce cement content using unique tools such as our mix optimization manager. 

You will have everything you need to successfully leverage everything CarbonCure has to offer and more, providing significant extra value to your business.

“The data sheets on myCarbonCure are excellent. We’ve had no rejections or questions from the mix submittals we’ve provided on our residential and commercial projects.”

Collin Bender, Quality Control Manager, Conewago Manufacturing

In It for the Long Haul

After your onboarding, our team will continue to support you by providing regular progress updates, assisting with new plant installs and implementation plans, supporting your commercial specification efforts, providing you with data on your progress to date, and promoting your ongoing successes.

At CarbonCure, we don’t want to just sell you our concrete solution: we want to be partners with you, and we’re invested in our partnership for the long-haul. Our goal is to make sure you find success with CarbonCure at every turn, and help you not only navigate the changing concrete industry landscape, but come out on top of it. 

For more information about how CarbonCure can offer you a competitive advantage and improve your business while reducing your carbon footprint, reach out to us to get the conversation started.

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