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Foundations of Customer Success: Meet Market Development Manager, Jessica Wilson

Jessica has always had a passion for sustainability. She first studied environmental science and chemistry with an initial plan to become a science teacher.

“My passion for sustainability was cultivated during my undergraduate journey. I fell in love with environmental writing; specifically, the power of place and culture in environmental storytelling to invoke change,” she says.

Before joining CarbonCure as Market Development Manager for the East Coast of the United States, she started her career as a Sustainable Farmer at Greenlands Farm in her home state of North Carolina, then worked in advancing equitable communities through green building at the U.S. Green Building Council.

Sustainability has even edged its way into her personal life with one of her goals being to build an off-grid cabin for her son and daughter.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she worked on her knowledge of construction, earning post-secondary certifications in Construction Management and Sustainability Technologies from Cape Fear Community College.

Jessica worked in the construction industry for 9 years before her career goals changed with the discovery of CarbonCure’s mission and the family values embodied by the concrete industry.

“I am so incredibly grateful that concrete found me. If you were to tell me just two years ago that I would be working in this sector of construction I would have been shocked, predominantly because I had no idea an opportunity that combined sustainability and concrete existed,” she says.

Developing Marketing Plans for Partner Success

As part of the Market Development Team, Jessica helps CarbonCure’s producer partners succeed by providing marketing plans and materials targeted to their local architects, designers, engineers, and contractors — maximizing business opportunities.

Her primary role is to ensure every one of CarbonCure’s partners’ sustainability story is being crafted and shared in a way that is unique to their company culture, helping show the world that they are leaders in the green building world. 

She does this by curating a unique marketing portfolio tailored to their core culture and values.

“I consider it an honor to help share their story,” Jessica says.

A primary focus in Jessica’s position involves connecting with various partners to ensure their experience with CarbonCure is enjoyable and profitable, building trust and rapport with various firms and private sector leaders, and spreading the word about the embodied carbon challenge and how CarbonCure can help.

“Across the industry, I have forged relationships with amazing colleagues and friends,” she says. "CarbonCure and the concrete producers we work with are a family.”

Spreading Awareness About Embodied Carbon

Building these strong relationships and supporting each other is essential for the success of our collective sustainability efforts, according to Jessica.

“What excites me about working with different customers is that regardless of their business size or the point they are at in their sustainability journey, they are truly great people motivated to do what’s right for their communities and loved ones.”

And these efforts have never been more timely, being  a critical tipping point where clean technologies are vital for helping reduce emissions and meeting net zero targets. 

“Consumers demand environmental accountability standards and materials transparency, a trend that is no longer popular but paramount for producers; an expectation of best business practice,” Jessica explains.

However, it is worth noting that there is still an awareness gap around solutions for environmental change in the construction industry; so by helping to share these stories of concrete sustainability actions (pun intended), Jessica  knows she is not only helping to educate people on what’s being done but also, how concrete can now be used as an environmental solution.

If you are interested in learning more about how CarbonCure’s Foundations Program can help you with your mix designs and maximize every opportunity CarbonCure has to offer, contact us or give us a call today.

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