Foundations of Customer Success: Meet Shane Grimm, Senior Product Manager, Digital

The Digital team at CarbonCure supports the entire customer journey by building, managing, and refining the technology and data analytics that power everything CarbonCure does. 

Since the Digital team effectively builds the backbone for most of CarbonCure’s solutions, it works closely with the other teams—Installation, Technical Services and Support (TSS), and Market Development—to deliver exceptional customer experiences as part of CarbonCure’s customer success program, CarbonCure Foundations.

Shane Grimm joined the Digital team in November 2021 as Senior Product Manager and is responsible for a range of technologies that support:

“As a product manager, my job is to understand what our customers' pain points are and find ways to solve them with our digital technologies,” said Shane, who spends a lot of time meeting with concrete producers at their plants or at industry events.

What is CarbonCure Foundations?

CarbonCure Foundations is CarbonCure’s customer success program. It ensures customer success throughout the entire CarbonCure journey—from onboarding, installation and testing to ongoing technical support and market development—enabling producers to gain all the advantages of CarbonCure with none of the risks. 

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Being the Voice of the Customer

Recently Shane visited Crown Hill Ready Mix in California to assist the TSS team with a new installation. “It was a great opportunity to get my hands dirty by assisting with slump tests and other installation and commissioning processes to learn how our digital technologies can help make things more efficient,” said Shane.

Customer visits also help Shane see the technology from a customer’s perspective. In essence, Shane acts as the voice of the customer, translating their needs into digital products and features for his team to build. 

“Concrete producers are incredibly busy and don’t have the time to spend hours at a computer sifting through data. Spending time with customers made me realize that our solutions need to be straightforward, succinct, and provide useful information at a glance,” explained Shane.

A Purpose-Driven Career

Shane began his career as an internal auditor for the provincial government of British Columbia before joining a growing technology company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. He spent over two decades in several product management positions responsible for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and Environmental Sustainability and Governance (ESG) solutions. 

Shane’s experience working with a company that scaled from 70 employees to over 5,000 sets him up for success in his current role. CarbonCure is scaling rapidly on its mission to make concrete a climate solution and reduce embodied carbon in the built environment by 500 million tonnes annually by 2030. 

This mission really resonates with Shane and aligns with his personal values.

“I was brought up in an environmentally conscious family so I've always been dedicated to reducing my own carbon footprint—biking is my favorite mode of transport, I recycle, and so on. The opportunity to work for a company with an incredible environmental mission means a lot to me and my family,” said Shane. 

Supporting Customer Success with Digital Solutions

CarbonCure’s technologies are easily retrofitted to any concrete plant. The equipment is simple to install and requires very little training and maintenance on the customer’s side. However, the use of the technology and the data it gathers is very new to the industry. “My job is to create solutions that are easy to adopt and provide true value to their business so our customers want to keep using it day after day,” said Shane.

Shane and fellow team members are responsible for supporting customers around the world with his solutions. myCarbonCure is already available in English and Spanish and is expanding to other languages in the coming months.

Shane’s favorite part of the job is working with customers to translate their pain points into successes. He also enjoys working with the wider digital team of 15-20 people. “We have an incredibly talented team of developers, designers, and user experience professionals that work together to create cutting edge solutions to support our customers,” he said.

Creating a World-Class Digital Onboarding Program

Shane and his team have an ambitious project in the works: an incredible digital onboarding experience that provides complete transparency and guidance throughout the entire customer journey.

Today, the onboarding program is delivered by the dedicated teams that make up the CarbonCure Foundations program. The Digital team’s goal is to support all of that effort with a new tool—delivered via myCarbonCure—that tracks all activities and helps keep everything on track.

“The new solution will bolster the fantastic work that is already being done by the Customer Operations, Installation, Technical Services and Support, and Market Development teams. It will help manage the entire process to help guide customers to value even faster than we do already,” said Shane. The new feature is being rolled out to customers this year.

The Digital team’s work will never be complete as it will continue to evolve alongside other CarbonCure innovations and support the company—and our concrete producer partners—on our ultimate mission to decarbonize the concrete industry.

If you are interested in learning more about how CarbonCure’s Foundations Program can help you with your mix designs and maximize every opportunity CarbonCure has to offer, contact us today.

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