Foundations of Customer Success: Meet Tricia Sabessar, Customer Operations Specialist

The customer operations team at CarbonCure is a key part of CarbonCure’s customer success program: CarbonCure Foundations

When a new customer signs up with CarbonCure, they are assigned a dedicated Customer Operations Specialist—like Tricia Sabessar—who guides them through a proven, systematic process to deliver the best business outcomes and the fastest time to value.

We caught up with Tricia, one of the first members of CarbonCure’s Customer Operations team, to hear about her experiences working with CarbonCure customers.

What is CarbonCure Foundations?

CarbonCure Foundations is CarbonCure’s customer success program. It ensures customer success throughout the entire CarbonCure journey—from onboarding, installation and testing to ongoing technical support and market development—enabling producers to gain all the advantages of CarbonCure with none of the risks. 

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Joining a Growing Team

Tricia joined CarbonCure as a Customer Operations Specialist in September 2021. Her background in customer-facing sales and marketing roles, strong problem-solving skills and love of purpose-driven work set her up for success in the role. 

“I've always had a passion for community and the environment. The opportunity to work with CarbonCure combines my love of working with people with a noble mission to have a positive impact on our environment,” said Tricia.

Since Tricia joined the Customer Operations team, it has evolved at a rapid pace to keep up with customer growth. “We are at a really pivotal and exciting point in the company. It's inspiring to see everyone come together to achieve our mission of reducing the carbon footprint of concrete,” she said.

While Tricia is based in the Greater Toronto Area, she is responsible for supporting customers across Latin America—a key growth area for CarbonCure. “I could be helping onboard a customer in Mexico in the morning and locating a CO2 supplier for a customer in Ecuador in the afternoon,” said Tricia.

Tricia’s main objective is to ensure that CarbonCure customers have a positive experience from the first time they engage with the team, through the whole installation, implementation and testing processes, and beyond.

“We want our customers to have a really smooth onboarding experience. We know concrete producers are very busy, so we try to make it as easy as possible for them to adopt CarbonCure by making sure that there is support every step of the way.” 

For a new customer in Latin America, the customer success experience begins with Tricia leading a kick-off call with the designated Technical Services representative to gather critical information, create an implementation plan and gain executive alignment on goals, timelines and responsibilities while working with CarbonCure. 

Tricia acts as the key point of contact with the customer and supports all interactions with the other customer success teams: Installation, Technical Services and Support (TSS), and Market Development. She hosts regular updates to check in on progress and remove any barriers to success. 

“We like to joke that we are the air traffic controllers for our customers. We make sure things are flowing and if the customer runs into any issues, we are there to remove roadblocks,”

explained Tricia.

A Day in the Life of a Customer Operations Specialist

According to Tricia, every day is different for her because every customer, country and CO2 supplier has a unique way of operating. “When we’re rolling out our technology for a customer in a new country, a key part of my role as Customer Operations Specialist is to take the time to understand the customer’s unique needs in detail, so we know how to leverage our resources in a way that best accommodates those needs,” she said. “We certainly do not use a one-size-fits-all approach.” 

On a typical day, Tricia connects remotely with customers to check in on progress and align with other customer-facing teams to ensure there are no roadblocks preventing the customer from making progress. She also connects customers with the digital team to get them set up on the myCarbonCure portal and enrolled in the Carbon Credit Program.

For the most part, Tricia supports customers remotely but occasionally she has an opportunity to travel to customer sites to meet them in person. She recently traveled to Mexico to support CarbonCure’s first installation in the country. “The customer is very excited to be adopting CarbonCure Ready Mix and playing their part in leading the innovation that this brings to the concrete industry. It was really exciting to be there to see it all come to fruition,” said Tricia.

Going Above and Beyond to Solve Customer Challenges

CarbonCure Ready Mix is easily retrofitted to any concrete plant. The equipment is simple to install and requires very little training and maintenance on the customer’s side. However, there are a lot of different teams involved, so the Customer Operations team helps keep things moving. “We’ve found that customers appreciate having a point person they can go to at any time with questions, and who they know will make sure everything stays on track,” said Tricia.

Although the CO2 used in CarbonCure’s technologies comes from local suppliers, CarbonCure’s Customer Operations team helps customers locate and manage those suppliers. “We work really closely with the local CO2 suppliers to make sure that our customers get their CO2 tanks in place and connected to our technology,” said Tricia.

Tricia’s favorite part of the job is helping customers feel supported and seeing them get up and running quickly. She also enjoys how her team—and the extended Foundations team—work together as one to make it all happen. 

“As we grow as a company, customer support requirements will continue to change. But our team is so flexible—we are continuously innovating and coming up with new ideas and optimizing some of the great things that we do to create more efficiencies,” said Tricia.

If you are interested in learning more about how CarbonCure’s Foundations Program can help you with your mix designs and maximize every opportunity CarbonCure has to offer, contact us or give us a call today.

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