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Foundations of Customer Success: Meet Concrete Technical Services Manager, Benjamin Grimsley

Located in Bluffton, South Carolina, Ben came late to the concrete game. He started his career in the pharmaceutical industry as a validation engineer after receiving a master’s degree in molecular biology from the University of North Texas.

After moving to South Carolina, Ben looked for a new position in a manufacturing company, believing that while the industry may be different, controlling quality in a product environment had to be similar, right?

He was wrong.

Luckily, Ben loved working in the construction industry and was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed being outside and the profound connection he felt to the different structures he had a part in building.  

Since his career switch over seven years ago Ben has worked within quality assurance and quality control across various concrete companies in the U.S. This included Southeast Ready Mix, Argos USA, and Standard Concrete Products, before becoming CarbonCure’s Technical Services and Support (TSS) Manager for the East Coast. In this role, he is particularly passionate about the work he does with mix design, optimization, and testing.

Ensuring Success with CarbonCure’s TSS Team

As part of the TSS team, Ben supports CarbonCure’s producer partners from the first executive alignment call through the installation process, helping to answer questions related to integrating CarbonCure’s technologies into their systems.

A key part of Ben’s work involves helping each producers’ quality control team throughout the duration of their partnership with CarbonCure. This includes testing, analyzing, and optimizing their mixes with this technology, presenting the data to the customer, and making mix optimization recommendations, all while helping producers achieve their goals to cut cement usage.

This complex, on-the-go role is right up Ben’s alley.

“I deal well with chaos, which makes roles like this one with CarbonCure fun and challenging for me.”

Ben’s favorite part of working at CarbonCure is traveling around the United States and working with customers.

“I’ve always been nomadic at heart. I like traveling to new places and meeting new people. This role has given me the opportunity to work with customers from all walks of life and I enjoy every new experience.”

He also appreciates the variability in his day-to-day.

“No two days are the same and I relish that. This kind of job isn’t for everyone, but if you are disciplined and can deal with constant change it can be very rewarding.”

When Ben isn’t on the road with customers, he is keeping up with the latest  industry changes and guidance from the NRMCA or PCI.

“Our customers appreciate that we know concrete mix design and testing, and that we can apply our knowledge in a way that benefits them,” he says.

Part of the Team and Part of the Family

Not only is the TSS team close, but as a customer-facing team, they also get to know the customers they support very well.

“We have an incredibly dedicated team that supports each other in all aspects of the job. I’m thankful to be working with people that love the industry as much as I do,” says Ben.

One of Ben’s most memorable experiences has been the work he did with a small family-owned producer in a rural community in New York. The company is owned and run by a father and his two sons. With the owner close to retiring, he wanted to set his sons up for success by exploring more “forward-thinking” opportunities.

Ben helped the family with CarbonCure implementation, which was one of many sustainability updates they were already in the midst of deploying (they were implementing a recycled aggregate collection, and installing geothermal heating, for example).

“From day one they were very inviting. They wanted me and CarbonCure to feel like part of the community. We were able to get them to a significant cementitious reduction and the owners’ wife thanked us for everything we were doing for them. It was one of my early experiences as a CarbonCure employee, but it drove home to me the fact that we develop relationships with people, rather than treating them as just customers. They are incredible people and I still enjoy talking to them today.”

“If you have any questions or need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

This is how Ben ends every one of his calls and emails. While it’s only a few simple words, it’s a philosophy he lives by and embodies everything he tries to do on the TSS team. If a customer needs him, he’s there.

If you are interested in learning more about how CarbonCure’s Foundations Program can help you with your mix designs and maximize every opportunity CarbonCure has to offer, contact us or give us a call today.

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