December 6, 2023

CarbonCure Announces the First Deployment of its Carbon Removal Technologies in Africa

At COP 28, CarbonCure celebrates operations on six continents with pan-African developer ARISE IIP’s adoption in Benin & Gabon. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada & Dubai, UAE, December 6, 2023 — CarbonCure Technologies, the global leader in carbon removal innovation for the concrete industry, and ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP), the developer and operator of world-class industrial ecosystems across Africa, announced today the integration of CarbonCure’s technologies into its concrete production process. 

The adoption of CarbonCure’s technologies in Benin and Gabon is part of ARISE IIP’s broader commitment to advancing sustainability across its industrial zones. With CarbonCure, ARISE IIP will deliver the same, high quality concrete but with less carbon emissions. 

CarbonCure’s solution for ready mix concrete injects captured carbon dioxide (CO2) during concrete mixing. Upon injection, the CO2 immediately mineralizes and is permanently embedded within the concrete like rock. Even if that concrete is later demolished, the carbon dioxide will never return to the atmosphere. This mineralization also increases the concrete’s compressive strength, enabling concrete producers to optimize cement content and reduce carbon emissions with no impact on the concrete’s performance. 

The adoption of CarbonCure’s technologies will serve to accelerate ARISE IIP’s strategy to facilitate reductions of concrete’s carbon footprint and prioritize environmental benefits across its operations in Africa. CarbonCure installation is already underway in the Gabon Special Economic Zone to be followed by implementation and testing. Additional systems will be rolled out across ARISE IIP’s industrial parks. 

In all, CarbonCure’s technologies have already been used to produce nearly six million truckloads carrying more than 37 million cubic meters (48 million cubic yards) of lower carbon concrete, saving more than 379,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to taking more than 84,000 gas-powered cars off the road for a year.

Gagan Gupta, Founder and CEO of ARISE IIP commented, “The adoption of CarbonCure’s technologies is yet another milestone in our journey to reach our net-zero ambitions. Following the results we have achieved at the Gabon Special Economic Zone, we are very excited to roll out CarbonCure’s innovative technologies across our industrial parks in Africa, proudly embracing the most advanced techniques to deliver a better, greener concrete product.”

Robert Niven, Founder and CEO of CarbonCure said: “Our entry into Africa marks a global milestone for CarbonCure with deployment on six continents. It further demonstrates the scale of our concrete decarbonization solution across the Global North and Global South. With surging growth and urbanization fueling new African construction and infrastructure projects, CarbonCure is honoured to lay the foundation for a greener built environment across the continent with ARISE IIP.”

For the past few years, ARISE IIP has experienced a remarkable expansion across Africa, with currently 12 integrated industrial zones accelerating the continent’s industrialization. For reference, in Gabon, ARISE IIP manages the Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) which focuses on the timber industry, and has created 16,000 jobs, attracted 120 investors, and enabled Gabon to move from being an exporter of logs to the world's second largest producer and exporter of veneer, as well as the first in Africa. Across the continent, ARISE IIP’s primary drive has always been the creation of industrial ecosystems committed to generating local value along with sustainable growth. 


ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) is a pan-African developer and operator of world-class industrial parks committed to making Africa thrive. We identify opportunities in commercial and industrial value chains across Africa, and conceive, finance, build and operate the necessary infrastructure, playing a catalytic role in supporting countries to transition to an industrial economy. We are driven by the pursuit of green growth; our ambition is to unlock the continent’s industrial potential while neutralising our carbon emissions and climate impact. ARISE IIP is currently present in Benin (GDIZ), Togo (PIA), Gabon (GSEZ), Côte d’Ivoire (ZIC), Tchad (Laham Tchad), Republic of Congo (PIC), Democratic Republic of Congo (CIP), Rwanda (BSEZ), Nigeria (IPR) and Sierra Leone.  GSEZ was ranked the world’s best special economic zone in the timber sector (2020 FDI ranking).

About CarbonCure
CarbonCure Technologies is a fast-growing carbon dioxide removal tech company deploying easy-to-adopt solutions that enable concrete producers to use captured CO₂ to produce reliable, lower carbon concrete mixes. With hundreds of systems operating across 35 countries, more than five million truckloads of CarbonCure mixes have supplied thousands of sustainable construction projects worldwide amid surging demand for greener building materials. CarbonCure’s cutting-edge research and innovation have garnered global recognition and prestigious awards, most notably the Carbon XPRIZE Grand Prize and induction into the Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame. CarbonCure’s investors include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Blue Earth Capital, BDC, Amazon, Taronga Ventures, 2150, Microsoft, Samsung Ventures, BH3 Growth Equity, Carbon Direct, GreenSoil Investments and Mitsubishi Corporation. Follow CarbonCure on LinkedIn.

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