Butler Delivers CarbonCure Across All its Projects on Vancouver Island

After visiting Pan-United in Singapore, we are excited to introduce you to Butler Concrete and Aggregate Ltd. located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada. This is our sixth stop on our Around the World with CarbonCure tour! 

Meet Butler Concrete and Aggregate

So many ready mix concrete producers pride themselves on their long, established history and involvement in their community — and Butler is no exception. Founded by four brothers in the 1930s, Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd. provided a wide range of building materials and services.  With the transition to the third generation in November 2018, the company had a name change to Butler Concrete and Aggregate.

The Butler family has been a part of the history of the Saanich Peninsula since Captain George Stephen Butler arrived from England in 1868. Brian Butler, the Captain’s great grandson succeeded his uncle as president in 1985, and today the family business continues under the leadership of the Captain’s great-great grandson, Travis Butler.

Commitment to Community and Sustainability

Once primarily a farming region, today the Saanich Peninsula — often referred to as Vancouver Island’s “Provence” — is known for its beautiful pastures, rolling hills and water on all sides. It is also known for its commitment to sustainability, and Butler leads the way in contributing to the Island’s goals. As a third-generation family business, Butler takes corporate responsibility to heart — from supporting the local nonprofits and community-focused organizations to leading the industry in adopting environmental initiatives.

Key to meeting those objectives, Butler adopted CarbonCure’s technology in 2017. “Someone shared with my father an article about CarbonCure winning the 2016 Manning Innovation Award. My father brought the article into my office and dropped it on my desk, saying, ‘this is something for you,’” noted Travis Butler. “I immediately followed up with a visit to CarbonCure’s website and was excited at what I found. Four months later we installed two units and equipped the third plant the following year.”

With 90 employees and 40 trucks, Travis proudly notes that “like Frank’s hot sauce, we put CarbonCure in everything.” 

"We are proud to be the first adopter of CarbonCure in British Columbia, Canada and appreciate the continued support and innovation that CarbonCure delivers to help concrete producers lead the way in reducing environmental impacts," said Travis.

As of August 31, 2021, Butler’s total CO2 savings are 3,331 tonnes; which is equivalent to 2.5 acres (1,651 hectares) of U.S. forest absorbing CO2 for a year. 

Photo of the Dockside Green project, which Butler supplied CarbonCure concrete for. Photo: Dockside Green by BOSA

Butler’s CarbonCure Mixes Integral to Dockside Green Project

One of the key projects receiving Butler’s CarbonCure concrete is Dockside Green. The current phase of this project includes three concrete condo buildings which require approximately 21,000 cubic metres (27,467 cubic yards) of concrete. The entire project is guided by a keen focus on sustainable construction and public amenities. For example, each building will have an on-site water treatment facility with a 50% reduction in water consumption targeted, and “smart heating,” which aims to achieve a 25% reduction in energy use and up to 30% reduction in GHG emissions. Through the concrete supplied by Butler, this project’s concrete components will see up to 50% lower embodied carbon values compared to the 2017 national averages. 

Visiting Vancouver Island, Canada

While talking about Vancouver Island, we would be remiss in not sharing the beauty and wonders that the Island has to offer. Travis Butler suggests these Vancouver Island experiences:

  • Hike the Island Trails
  • Charter a Fishing Trip
  • Explore the Ancient Forests
  • Scuba Dive the Coast

Hike Vancouver Island, British Columbia

With easy access to alpine areas and inspiring mountain scenery, old logging roads and hiking trails connect you to wildlife, bird watching and extraordinary beauty. We suggest these 10 highly-rated hikes. 

Top-Notch Fishing Experience

With fishing opportunities available from Vancouver’s small towns, up and down the island, Travis suggests contacting a charter company for a real West Coast fishing experience. The Butler team recommends checking out Goin' Coastal Fishing Charters

Explore the Ancient Forests

With so many choices to choose from, it is hard to pick a favorite, but we suggest Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park, home to some of the world’s largest spruce trees, stunning waterfalls, emerald pools and wildlife. Here are some pro tips for hiking the ancient forest of the Walbran Valley area.  

Dive the Deeps of Vancouver Island

Renowned as one of the world’s best cold-water dive locations, experienced divers can explore the miles of coastline seeing massive marine life, such as wolf eels, sea lions, octopus, lingcod and kelp forests. We recommend a visit to God’s Pocket, an amazing dive site, but also a great destination for kayaking, hiking, and shore walks. 

Our Next Stop

We hope you enjoyed your visit to the Canadian West Coast! Next month, we’re flying down south to Central Texas to visit our friends at Lauren Concrete, whose mission is to deliver World Class service to their customers, employees, and the communities they serve. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss it!

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