CarbonCure Reclaimed Water

Revitalize the cementitious content and water in your slurry tank and turn them into valuable upcycled resources.

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CarbonCure for Reclaimed Water

Lower Carbon and Water Footprint
10-25 lb per cubic yard / 5-11 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

Injected CO2 transforms the cement in reclaimed water slurry into a predictable resource, reducing the virgin cement and water requirements in new concrete mixes.

Stacked technologies, bigger benefits: Combine CarbonCure Reclaimed Water with CarbonCure Ready Mix to optimize cement content and improve profitability with no compromise on concrete quality or performance. Save an additional 15-25 lb of carbon dioxide per cubic yard (7-11 kilograms per cubic meter), for total carbon savings of roughly 10-percent compared to conventional concrete.

Turn Your Waste into Mix Material

Transform cementitious content and water in your slurry tank into reliable and profitable upcycled resources that have no impact on the fresh or hardened properties of your concrete. 

Reduce Cement and Water Costs

Reduce the use of fresh water by 17-20% and virgin cement by 8-10% when used in conjunction with CarbonCure Ready Mix.

Grow Your Business and Bottom Line

Win new business in the green building market and generate carbon removal credits for every concrete mix you pour. These credits can earn you more revenue through our verified carbon dioxide removal program.

Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guaranteed

CarbonCure is invested in your success. We partner with your teams through each step of the installation process and can help you win new business in your local market. 

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“Recently, we had a concrete finisher on a site who expressed concern that Trio was planning to use reclaimed water in its mixes. He was amazed when I informed him that we had been using it in our mixes for over a year—and he hadn’t noticed a difference.”

steven hay
Stephen Hay
General Manager, Trio Ready-Mix