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CarbonCure Carbon Credits

A Permanent CO2 Storage Solution

CarbonCure’s award-winning technologies reduce and permanently remove tens of thousands of metric tons of CO2 each year. This generates high-quality carbon credits that fund the immediate adoption and further development of innovative CCUS technologies that help to decarbonize the concrete industry—currently responsible for an estimated 7% of global CO2 emissions.

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CarbonCure permanently locks captured carbon dioxide in concrete—for millennia. Upon injection, the CO₂ immediately turns into rock. Even if this concrete is demolished, mineralized CO₂ will never leak or return to the atmosphere.

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CarbonCure’s methodology for calculating CO₂ savings is verified by Verra, the world's leading organization setting the standards for carbon credits. Our carbon credits meet scientific standards for measurability, permanence and additionality.

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CarbonCure has a proven track-record since 2012 and our carbon utilization technologies are up and running in hundreds of concrete plants worldwide. Because we share net revenue from carbon credit purchases with our concrete producer partners using our technologies, we encourage them to increase adoption.

A Total of Metric Tons of CO₂ Saved To Date

Your Carbon Credit Investment at Work

Investment in CarbonCure’s carbon credits help to accelerate and scale the decarbonization of the concrete industry.

Incentivize the adoption of our technologies by concrete producers.

Accelerate entry into new markets, growing our international network of concrete producer partners that deploy our technologies globally.

Finance new cutting-edge research and innovation to increase our operations.

The Social Impact of Sustainable Concrete

Increased Profitability

On average, producers using CarbonCure Ready Mix reduce cement content by 3 to 5 percent with no compromise on concrete quality or performance. Stacked with CarbonCure Reclaimed Water technology, these carbon savings reach 10 or more percent. The end result is an improved bottom line and an incentive to incorporate CO₂ into more production—further driving down cement usage and carbon emissions.

Competitive Advantage

Concrete producers who use CarbonCure’s technologies are able to establish themselves as a sustainability leader in their communities and differentiate themselves from competitors.

More Green Jobs

With the ability to bid on and win more sustainable building projects, concrete producers also have the ability to create more green jobs in their host communities.


“CarbonCure’s credits are well-designed as they create a real incentive for manufacturers to increase adoption of the technology.”

Maria Eugenia Filmanovic
Co-founder, Abatable

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