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Innovative CO₂ Technologies

CarbonCure injects captured carbon dioxide (CO₂) into concrete during mixing, where the CO₂ becomes chemically converted into a mineral.

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Tonnes of CO₂ Saved Truckloads Delivered

CO₂ Mineralization

Once injected into the concrete mix, the CO₂ reacts with calcium ions from cement to form a nano-sized mineral, Calcium Carbonate, which becomes embedded in the concrete.

This makes the concrete stronger, enabling mix optimization while eliminating the CO₂.

Our Technologies

CarbonCure Ready Mix
25 lb per cubic yard / 15 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

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34 lb per cubic yard / 20 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

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CarbonCure Reclaimed Water
25 lb per cubic yard / 15 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

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CarbonCure Masonry
1 lb / 0.5 kg CO2 saved per 30 standard blocks 

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See it in Action

Batching is controlled by a simple interface, the CarbonCure Control Box, which is integrated with the plant’s batching software.

In a ready mix dry batch application, the CO₂ is injected into the hopper; while in a central mix or masonry application, the CO₂ is injected into the central mixer.

The Equipment

CarbonCure’s equipment is retrofitted into concrete plants in just one visit. The CarbonCure Valve Box is connected to the CO₂ tank stored onsite, and automatically injects a precise dosage of CO₂ into the concrete during mixing. The CarbonCure Control Box syncs with the plant’s batching software, so adding CO₂ to a mix is as easy and quick as flipping a switch.

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Telemetry gathered from each Control Box syncs with the CarbonCure Command Centre in real-time, enabling CarbonCure staff to maintain the technology’s 99% uptime and administer ongoing support remotely with quick response times. A summary of CarbonCure system usage for producers is available via the myCarbonCure platform.

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