From carbon to simply better concrete

CarbonCure is leading a global movement to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment, using recycled CO2 to improve the manufacturing process of the world’s most abundant man-made material: concrete.

Every day, thousands of cubic yards of concrete made with recycled CO2 are delivered to job sites across the globe.


CarbonCure is transforming CO2 into a valuable commodity — concrete.

We're on a mission to save up to 500 megatonnes of CO2 emissions every year. But we need your help.


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Simply Better Concrete

Concrete is the most abundant man-made material in the world; it is the backbone of modern society. But cement, the critical ingredient that gives concrete its strength, is responsible for up to 7% of the world's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

CarbonCure manufactures a technology for concrete producers that introduces recycled CO2 into fresh concrete.

In a process known as CO2 mineralization, the CO2 is converted to a mineral and becomes permanently captured. Best of all, CO2 makes concrete better.

Become part of the story

Everyone wins when carbon becomes concrete.

Concrete producers—including ready mix, precast and masonry—benefit from improved operations.

Architects, engineers, builders and building owners can reduce the carbon footprint of building and infrastructure projects without making compromises.

Policy makers can take immediate action to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment with a business-friendly solution.

We Have Solutions For

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Ready Mix Producers

Who knew greener could mean stronger?

Improve your operations while growing your business with the green building market.

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Concrete Products

Not your average grey block.
Differentiate your block and grow your business with the green building market.



Architects, Engineers, Developers

Reduce the carbon footprint of concrete in your building developments.

Ready to use CarbonCure on your next project? 

Partner with an established, award-winning company

CarbonCure has been recognized for providing a reliable and consistent technology to leading concrete producers across North America and Southeast Asia.

“We installed CarbonCure at 25 of our plants because it just makes good business sense.”

- Alan Wessel, CEO, Thomas Concrete

Chicago’s architectural and engineering community is greatly attracted to reducing their carbon footprint. Ozinga is proud to partner with CarbonCure to deliver sustainable solutions to our region.

- Marty Ozinga IV, President, Ozinga Concrete

“CarbonCure enables imi to produce the same high-quality concrete that our customers have relied on us to provide for the past seven decades, but now with a reduced environmental impact."

- Jeff McPherson, VP Sales & Marketing, imi Concrete

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