CarbonCure Precast

Win new business from green building projects and unlock new revenue streams.

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CarbonCure Precast

Same Product, Less Carbon
20-30 lb per cubic yard / 12-18 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

Lower cement content while delivering the same high-quality product your customers rely on. CarbonCure helps you deliver a sustainable concrete product to meet the growing demand of the green building market while generating new sources of revenue. 

Win a Competitive Advantage

Establish yourself as a sustainability leader in your community and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Unlock New Lines of

Generate carbon removal credits for every form you pour — and earn revenue through CarbonCure’s verified carbon dioxide removal program.

Deliver More Sustainable Concrete

Safely reduce cement content and lower your carbon footprint — without compromising on quality. CarbonCure has no effect on fresh and hardened properties or early-age strength.

Gain A

CarbonCure is invested in your success. We partner with your teams through each step of the installation and testing process — we even help you win new business in your local market.

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“CarbonCure has allowed us to reduce costs, yet retain high strength. In addition, it is helping our customers who are looking for sustainable solutions for their projects.”

Charles Stone
Quality Control Supervisor, Coreslab Structures (TEXAS) Inc.