Specifying Low Carbon Concrete

Concrete specifiers play the most important role in embodied carbon reduction and removal: encouraging the inclusion of low carbon technologies like CarbonCure.

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Collaboration to reduce embodied carbon

Reduction of embodied carbon in concrete is only possible when the concrete specifications allow it. Architects, engineers, and general contractors play a key role in concrete innovation: encouraging the use of low carbon innovation in the concrete specs.

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Why include CarbonCure in your specification?

  • You’ll reassure your clients that you take their ESG goals and climate seriously, and that you and your team are a part of the solution.

  • You’ll empower concrete producers who have adopted CarbonCure and other low-carbon solutions to use it on projects – which means you get the same solution with a reduced carbon footprint. Oftentimes, our partners struggle to use CarbonCure on commercial projects due to lack of awareness or stakeholder buy-in. Specifications allowing CarbonCure mitigate that challenge.

  • You’ll signal to concrete producers that embodied carbon is important and encourage producers to adopt and use solutions like CarbonCure to reduce carbon emissions.
  • You’ll stimulate conversations around embracing innovation, and bring more sustainable construction solutions to the marketplace.
Follow this simple guide to include CarbonCure in your specification.
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The Drive Toward Reducing Carbon in Concrete Construction

Our Collective Impact

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