CarbonCure Celebrates Milestone of 750 Carbon Mineralization Systems Sold  

CarbonCure Technologies is celebrating a milestone of 750 systems sold to its innovative concrete producer partners around the world. These carbon removal technologies, licensed across more than 30 countries, inject captured carbon dioxide into fresh concrete and concrete wash water, permanently mineralizing the CO2, producing lower carbon concrete mixes and enabling producers to meet the increasing demand for greener building materials. 

The 750 system milestone comes as the company approaches another major benchmark: five million truckloads of low carbon concrete made by CarbonCure’s field-leading producer partners using our technologies. Nearly two million of those truckloads were delivered in the past year alone. 

Long-term vision

CarbonCure’s long-term vision is to support the complete decarbonization of the concrete manufacturing process through continued innovation and the rapid scaling of our suite of carbon mineralization solutions. 

“The growing frequency of these milestones serves as a clear indication of CarbonCure's rapid scale and major progress toward meeting our mission to annually reduce and remove 500 million metric tons of carbon emissions,” said CarbonCure Chair and CEO Rob Niven. “We’re grateful to have such committed and visionary partners across the global concrete industry. And I am very excited for what’s ahead.”

“We’re grateful to have such committed and visionary partners across the global concrete industry, and I am very excited for what’s ahead.”

Rob Niven, CarbonCure Chair & CEO

Today, the company’s carbon removal technologies have been used in more than 36 million cubic yards (28 million cubic meters) of concrete to date—equivalent to filling 11,000+ Olympic swimming pools or building the Great Pyramid of Giza 11 times over. As a result, CarbonCure’s technologies have saved more than 277,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide to date. This is equal to the annual CO2 emissions from 61,800 gas-powered cars.

CarbonCure by the Numbers:

  • 750+ CarbonCure systems licensed to concrete producers worldwide
  • 30+ countries where our systems are operating or being installed
  • 36+ million yd3 (28+ million m3) of concrete produced to date—enough to fill 11,000+ Olympic swimming pools
  • 4.5 million truckloads of concrete made with CarbonCure delivered to date
  • 1.9 million truckloads delivered in a year 
  • 184,000+ truckloads delivered in May 2023—a 101% increase from May 2021
  • 277,800+ metric tons of CO2 saved to date—equal to the annual emissions from 61,800+ gas-powered cars

To explore how CarbonCure can support your sustainability efforts, connect with us at +1 (902) 442-4020,, or

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