Exploring the Coastal City of Charleston with CarbonCure Early Adopter Thomas Concrete

Thomas Concrete: A Legacy of Leadership

Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina’s oldest city, and the latest stop in our Around the World with CarbonCure tour! 

Charleston is home to one of Thomas Concrete, Inc.’s 55 plants across the southern United States. The beautiful harbor city is part of the concrete specialists’ coastal division and among its fastest growing regions.

Thomas Concrete is known for being progressive, innovative, and sustainable. The parent company, Thomas Concrete Group, is a family-owned business established in Sweden in 1955. Its U.S. operations started in Georgia some 30 years ago, expanding to serve customers in North and South Carolina. The company prides itself on its long-standing specialization in concrete and providing effective solutions for its customers’ construction projects. This includes their vision to reduce their long-term environmental impact in their local communities and across the globe, preserving our environment for the next generation.

Thomas Concrete’s vision has led to a number of pioneering achievements with CarbonCure. 

In 2016, Thomas Concrete was an early adopter of CarbonCure. They were our first repeat customer, implementing our technology in additional plants because of the reliability of its early results.

They were also CarbonCure’s first major success story in the news, when they were interviewed with us on CNN for a project in Atlanta, 725 Ponce. It was one of the first large commercial buildings built entirely with CarbonCure concrete, supplied by Thomas. 

Their long partnership with us also means they've produced the most mineralized concrete of any of our producers to date: 4.5 million cubic yards (3.4 million cubic metres)! That has resulted in more than 34,000 metric tons of carbon savings, which equates to 42,000 acres (16,997 hectares) of trees removing CO2 from the air, or removing more than 7,450 cars from the road for a year. 

Their latest milestone: in December 2021, their South Carolina plant in nearby Myrtle Beach had the distinction of delivering the 2 millionth truckload of CarbonCure sustainable concrete

Thomas Concrete CEO and President Alan Wessel said, “We believe in doing the right thing—for our communities and for our environment—and in our strong partnership with CarbonCure, we look forward to many more milestones to come.”

Now let’s take a look at Charleston, one of America’s best loved travel destinations. The city is located on the South Carolina coast on Charleston Harbor. Its idyllic coastal location, 300-year history, well-preserved architecture and beautiful gardens offer a smattering of things to see and do.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour

Follow the history of the South Carolina port city of Charleston on a horse-drawn carriage tour. Clip-clop across the 30 blocks of the historic district to see highlights of the city’s past, including those from the Civil War era. It’s a great way to get an overview to help make a plan for further exploration.

French Quarter Historic Charleston Walk

If you love architecture, you’ll love getting an historical overview of the French Quarter. As you leisurely walk cobblestone alleys and passages, you’ll see and learn about the city’s colonial and early American architecture, unique landmarks, its castle and forts, and tales of America's maritime and military history.

Harbor History Boat Cruise

A guided boat cruise on the Charleston Harbor is the most leisurely way to see the city, with a unique perspective from the water. Kick back for a day cruise or a cool, evening tour while enjoying the majestic harbor, a beverage or two, and a bevy of historical tidbits to whet your appetite for more.

Our Next Stop

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