Federal Funding Impacts on Ohio’s Concrete Industry

The federal government’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, with a 50-52% reduction by 2030, has created significant opportunities for ready mix producers in Ohio and across the country.

One such opportunity stems from the $1 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), which aims to modernize the country’s aging infrastructure while reducing greenhouse emissions and building resilience to climate change. In Ohio, over $2.3 billion in BIL funding was announced in 2022 for roads, bridges, public transit, ports and airports. 

Going forward, federally funded projects such as these, and all federal procurement, will be subject to sustainable procurement standards prioritizing low carbon building materials. The federal Buy Clean Initiative, announced in late 2021, also includes a move to require environmental product declarations (EPDs) for building materials.

This means that grant recipients and project sponsors will be looking to partner with producers who can supply low carbon concrete and EPDs to help them meet Buy Clean requirements. 

Several federal funding programs are available at state and local levels. Let’s look at two BIL grant programs: the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program and the Airport Terminal Program (ATP).


In December 2022, the federal government committed $1.5 billion to RAISE for 2023. This program helps municipalities, tribal governments, counties and others complete surface transportation projects in their communities, especially ones that might not fit other DOT funding programs.

RAISE funding is granted to projects which score high in key categories, including environmental sustainability. Applicants are encouraged to incorporate lower carbon pavement/construction materials or align with their state, regional, county, or city decarbonization plan.

Spotlight: RAISE in Ohio

Mansfield Main Street Revitalization
In 2022, the city of Mansfield’s downtown revitalization plan was awarded approximately $7.3 million in RAISE funding. This project aims to modernize Main Street from First Street to Sixth Street and improve accessibility, safety and quality of life in the area. The project design includes new curbs, ADA compliant curb ramps, and 60,500 square feet (5,620 square meters) of concrete sidewalks.

ERI US6 Connectivity Corridor
Ohio’s Department of Transportation received over $24 million in 2022 RAISE funding to replace approximately five intersections with roundabouts and install a multi-use path along US6 and Rye Beach Road. The project will also extend the Sandusky Bay Pathway. 

Airport Terminal Program 

The BIL has allocated $5 billion in grants to fund safe, sustainable and accessible terminal projects through the ATP. Applications that can demonstrate how projects will reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, such as by achieving LEED accreditation or using lower carbon pavement and construction materials, will be given favorable consideration

Spotlight: ATP in Ohio
Two Ohio airports were awarded funding through ATP in 2022. Darke County Airport will receive at least $1.3 million while Newark Heath Airport will receive over $2.3 million. Both airports will use the funding to construct new terminal buildings. These terminals will comply with accessibility requirements and improve energy efficiency by replacing outdated HVAC systems.

How CarbonCure Can Help

With Buy Clean requirements attached to the federal funding flowing into Ohio, low carbon concrete producers offering EPDs will have a competitive advantage when bidding on these projects. 

CarbonCure can help Ohio producers grow their business with sustainable concrete and easily create EPDs for any ready mix or precast product. To find out more, contact us today.

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