Meet CarbonCure’s Technical Services & Support Team: Collin

Welcome back to our series on the lives and roles of the dedicated professionals on CarbonCure’s Technical Services & Support (TSS) Team

After introducing you to Anthony Michael Ferrante and Ian M. Bacich in previous articles, we are excited to feature Collin Bender, whose leadership and expertise help guide our team and our customers to success.

Profile Snapshot
Name: Collin Bender
Title: Technical Services Manager
Tenure at CarbonCure: 1.5 years
Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Geo environmental Studies with a Chemistry Minor from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Journey to CarbonCure

Collin’s entry into the concrete industry was sparked by a recommendation from a close friend to join Conewago Manufacturing as a batch plant operator over a decade ago. This move was made easy by the strong community and collaborative spirit that thrives within the concrete industry.

“I have a great group of mentors and peers in the concrete industry and am blessed for the training, professional development, and friendships I have made through this community,” shared Collin.

Concrete Expertise and Certifications

Collin holds several key certifications that underscore his expertise and commitment to excellence in the concrete industry:

  • PCI Level III Quality Control Technician
  • Leadership PCI Graduate, Class of 2020
  • ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I
  • NRMCA Exterior Concrete Flatwork Finisher Certification
  • Pennsylvania and Maryland Concrete Plant Technician
  • NRMCA Ready Mix Plant Manager Certification
  • OSHA 30 Hour Safety Certification

These certifications are essential tools that enhance Collin’s ability to lead by example. They ensure he is equipped with the latest industry standards and practices, enabling him to provide top-notch guidance and support to his team and CarbonCure's customers.

A Typical Day as a Technical Services Manager on CarbonCure’s TSS Team

Collin oversees the Domestic TSS team, ensuring that each member is aligned with the company’s mission and equipped to meet quarterly goals. His responsibilities include bringing challenges and process improvements to the Chief Technology Officer, reviewing and approving technical reports, and building strong relationships with customers to build trust and ensure the effective use of CarbonCure’s technologies.

Collin appreciates the fast-paced and impactful nature of his role within the TSS team. The opportunity to lead a team that directly influences the efficiency and sustainability of concrete production is both challenging and rewarding. 

Collin’s work ensures that the integration of CarbonCure technologies goes beyond mere implementation to become a pivotal part of the customers' operations.

Career Highlights at CarbonCure

Collin takes pride in leading initiatives that significantly impact the concrete industry, particularly those involving the mineralization of CO2 and adjustments in cement usage to reduce concrete's carbon footprint. 

These projects not only advance CarbonCure’s mission but also contribute to a more sustainable global environment.

Stay Tuned for the Next in Our Technical Services & Support Team Series

Join us next time as we continue to share the stories of the passionate individuals behind CarbonCure’s mission to decarbonize the concrete industry. 

If you have questions or are interested in joining the TSS team, visit our careers page to contact us. 

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