Meet CarbonCure’s Technical Services & Support Team: Ian

Welcome back to our series spotlighting the integral members of CarbonCure’s Technical Services & Support (TSS) Team

Last time, we shared a profile of Anthony Michael Ferrante, Technical Services Specialist at CarbonCure. Today, we're pleased to feature Ian M. Bacich, an advocate for sustainable engineering and a key figure in our technical services operations.

Profile Snapshot
Name: Ian M Bacich
Title: Technical Services Specialist
Tenure at CarbonCure: 3 years
Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Journey to CarbonCure

Ian’s path to CarbonCure was driven by his passion for the environment. During his academic career, he focused on the environmental aspects of civil engineering, seizing every opportunity to enroll in environmental courses. 

This dedication to sustainable practices led him to CarbonCure, where he was drawn to the company's commitment to reducing carbon emissions within the concrete industry.

A Typical Day on CarbonCure’s TSS Team

Ian values the collaborative and innovative spirit of the TSS team, which he credits as a key factor in his job satisfaction and effectiveness. As a Technical Services Specialist, Ian has a range of responsibilities crucial to both CarbonCure and its customers. 

“We operate as an extension of our customers’ quality control teams, facilitating the transition from installation to effective utilization of CarbonCure technologies,” explained Ian.

Ian’s daily tasks include assisting with implementation testing to confirm that the technology performs as expected in the field. Once validation is achieved, Ian helps integrate CarbonCure into as much of the customer's mix portfolio as possible, optimizing both profitability and carbon credit generation. 

Additionally, he ensures ongoing support for customers, maintaining the compliance levels necessary for carbon credit generation.

Career Highlights at CarbonCure

Ian is particularly proud of his collaboration on a project that involved compiling and analyzing extensive data on different types of cement. This initiative helped deepen the understanding of how various cements interact with CarbonCure technology and the factors influencing this reactivity. 

Another career milestone took him to Dublin, Ireland, where he conducted implementation testing with Kilsaran, one of the largest concrete producers in the country. Working alongside their quality control specialist, they achieved an impressive average of 20 test sets a day, demonstrating the effectiveness and efficiency of their collaborative efforts.

Ian was also instrumental in the development of a new report for customers that has received positive feedback and facilitated discussions on volume expansion for enhanced profitability and carbon credit generation. This tool represents a significant advancement in how CarbonCure supports our clients in maximizing the benefits of our technology.

Looking Ahead

Ian is a civil engineering EIT (Engineer in Training) and holds an ACI Field Technician certification and OSHA 10 certification. “I have passed the initial engineering exam and am working towards the next exam that will qualify me as a professional engineer,” Ian shared. 

Ian is also taking continuing education classes on concrete and sustainability. These credentials equip him to tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry and make him a valuable asset to CarbonCure’s TSS team and its customers. 

Stay Tuned for the Next in Our Technical Services & Support Team Series

Join us next time as we continue to explore the impactful stories of the dedicated professionals who are essential to CarbonCure’s mission of decarbonizing the concrete industry. 

If you have questions or are interested in joining the TSS team, visit our careers page to get in touch.


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