Sustainability Scores with Sports Teams

The strong demand for sustainable materials, like low-carbon concrete, is often associated with sustainability targets set by owners and developers of logistics centers, data centers, tech campuses and higher education projects. 

But a new market sector is getting in on the act: professional sports teams.

Over the past ten years, many teams have built state-of-the-art stadiums using LED lighting to reduce electricity use, install solar to collect energy to power their stadium, and create more sustainable transportation for fans. But now they are implementing new steps to reduce and offset their carbon emissions.

A recently formed collaborative of “green sports” advocates, inspired from a collaboration between The Nature Conservancy and Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brent Suter, has launched Sidelining Carbon, an initiative that showcases sports teams committed to decarbonization.

Led by Initiative Directors, The Conservation Coalition and Recipric, members of Sidelining Carbon establish strategies for reducing their carbon footprint by reducing carbon emission through “At Home” operations or “Away,” offsetting carbon emissions while traveling. Sports fans are also encouraged to get involved by nominating their team to join the initiative and using social media to share their favorite teams’ actions.

Next, Sidelining Carbon has plans to expand the program to include carbon-accounting processes, supply chain decisions based on embodied carbon data, and analyze other carbon-intensive practices associated with operating a professional sports team. 

Photo by Maksym Diachenko on Unsplash

Carbon Offsets: A Closer Look

Sidelining Carbon is educating its members and the public regarding carbon offsets, defining it as “a donated amount to a project that is scientifically validated to remove carbon from our atmosphere.” The initiative is currently creating a catalog of available projects offered through their industry partners, providing a practical and effective way to account for the team’s unavoidable emissions by buying carbon credits from certified activities that reduce carbon emissions and help communities grow.

Join the Carbon Offset Movement 

Did you know that you can be part of the carbon offset movement? Our concrete producers can remove and reduce CO2 when using our carbon removal technology — resulting in significant earning opportunities for producers.

The moment our producers start using CarbonCure in their concrete production, you start removing or reducing CO2 from the atmosphere, resulting in the generation of carbon offsets. Our digital team helps our producers ensure the appropriate data is gathered so the tonnes of carbon removal can be measured and sold to a buyer, thereby activating the CarbonCure Credit Program and earning opportunities. If you are a current CarbonCure customer, contact your sales director to learn more. 

Not yet a customer? Join the 300+ producers using CarbonCure concrete mixes and improve your bottom line, while delivering a sustainable product, achieving market differentiation, and receiving carbon offset profit. Contact us today to get started.

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