Optimize your mixes and uncover actionable insights from your concrete’s data.

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Unlock Your Concrete’s Data

myCarbonCure helps you turn data into actionable insights to optimize your mixes.

  • Streamlined data from multiple different systems and platforms
  • Real, actionable mix performance insights
  • User-friendly software
  • Measure results of commercial projects
  • A single platform for management and operations

Earn Carbon Removal Credits

You are eligible to generate valuable carbon removal credits that companies around the world want to purchase to offset their own carbon emissions.

myCarbonCure measures the CO2 you’ve injected into your mixes and the CO2 saved through cement reduction to calculate how many carbon removal credits your plant has created.


Full Concrete Optimization

myCarbonCure can deliver customized recommendations to help improve key areas of your business. Lower costs and decarbonize your concrete products by optimizing mix designs based on your quality control data and Life Cycle Assessment analysis. 

QC, Operations, and Marketing Resources

Whether its for your QC and operations team or your sales and marketing teams, the resource library in myCarbonCure has you covered.

Usage Data on Demand

Want to see how much CarbonCure concrete you’ve poured? Login to myCarbonCure to see the total volume of concrete produced with CarbonCure, how many truckloads have been delivered, and the total amount of carbon savings you’ve achieved with CarbonCure to date.