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What is myCarbonCure?

Made exclusively for CarbonCure concrete producers, the myCarbonCure platform contains all the resources producers need to be guided through the installation and implementation of CarbonCure’s technology, to effectively communicate how CarbonCure works internally, to successfully market the value of CarbonCure concrete externally, and to stay up-to-date with the company’s usage of its CarbonCure systems.

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Internal Resources

myCarbonCure comes equipped with a suite of resources for concrete producers to help with internal communications about CarbonCure, from installation to implementation. These resources include installation manuals, operating guides, technical data sheets, white papers, FAQ documents and more.

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Sales and Marketing Resources

myCarbonCure also has ample resources designed to help with marketing CarbonCure, such as Powerpoints, training videos, messaging guidelines, mix submittal documentation and sample specification language. 

CarbonCure producers can also leverage unique tools only available within myCarbonCure, such as the project carbon savings calculator to submit compelling carbon savings estimates during bids and mix design submittals.

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Usage Data on Demand

CarbonCure’s telemetry setup ensures that each CarbonCure system feeds back its usage data to the CarbonCure Command Centre in real-time. myCarbonCure offers producers access to this data, which includes the total volume of concrete produced with CarbonCure, how many truckloads of CarbonCure concrete have been delivered to job sites, and the total amount of carbon savings they’ve achieved with CarbonCure to date. All these metrics are filterable by plant locations and time segments, including daily usage, and are downloadable. 

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