YYC East Deicing Apron

In 2019, the YYC Calgary International Airport sought to build a new centralized deicing pad, the East Deicing Apron, with low-carbon concrete. In August and September, concrete made with CarbonCure was used to build the East Deicing Apron; and the first planes used the facility in January 2020. The East Deicing Apron involved the second largest pour of CarbonCure concrete in a single project, and the largest quantity to be used at an airport in Canada.

More than 25,000 cubic metres of CarbonCure concrete was poured for the construction of the East Deicing Apron project, realizing 160,000 kg (350,000 lbs) of carbon savings. That's equivalent to 85 hectares of forest absorbing CO₂ over the course of a year!

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