Improve your operations while growing your business with the green building market  

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Number of trucks delivered with CarbonCure concrete

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Did you know that 50% of the construction industry has gone green?

But with rising material costs, tough competition from other building products, labour shortages and strict construction deadlines, what if you can’t afford to go green?

CarbonCure helps ready mix concrete producers improve their operations while growing their business with the green building market.

It’s Simply Better Concrete.


Read about how going green made good business sense for Thomas Concrete.

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Improve your operations without incurring capital costs

Injecting CO₂ into concrete improves the compressive strength, enabling you to adjust the cementitious content in your mix designs. The CarbonCure Technology has no upfront capital costs, allowing you to quickly see a positive return on your investment.

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“We installed CarbonCure at 25 of our plants because it just makes good business sense.”

- Alan Wessel, CEO Thomas Concrete


Reduce your carbon footprint and grow your business with the green building market

CarbonCure concrete is highly sought after by architects and engineers who want to reduce the carbon footprint of their sustainable construction projects. CarbonCure’s team provides cutting-edge marketing and sales support to help your team reach the growing green building market.


Chicago’s architectural and engineering community is greatly attracted to reducing their carbon footprint. Ozinga is proud to partner with CarbonCure to deliver sustainable solutions to our region.

- Marty Ozinga IV, President, Ozinga Concrete

Make better concrete, simply

The CarbonCure Technology is seamlessly integrated into your plant’s existing batching system and has no impact on daily operations or on cycle time. Aside from improving compressive strength, there is no impact on the concrete’s fresh or hardened properties.

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“CarbonCure enables imi to produce the same high-quality concrete that our customers have relied on us to provide for the past seven decades, but now with a reduced environmental impact."

- Jeff McPherson
VP Sales & Marketing, imi Concrete

Partner with an established, award-winning company

CarbonCure has been recognized for numerous awards and is a finalist in the $20 million global NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE challenge. 

With leading concrete producers across North America using the CarbonCure Technology everyday, CarbonCure is quickly becoming established as the new standard for concrete manufacturing.


CarbonCure’s success and recognition was made possible through our collaboration with leading educational institutions and industrial research partners. Together we have published a vast library of technical data to support CarbonCure’s success.  

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Interested in discovering how reducing your carbon footprint can improve your bottom line?