Buildings Sequester Carbon: Repositioning the Building Industry

Buildings Sequester Carbon: Repositioning the Building Industry

Following the publication of the UN Environment Emissions Gap Report 2018, it is expected that the Paris Agreement target for achieving global decarbonization will be shortened from 2050 to 2040.

What does this mean for the construction sector?

The future success of the construction industry depends on producing only zero-carbon buildings by 2030 and retrofitting existing buildings by 2040. As such, the industry is embarking on a period of rapid innovation. Everything we know about how buildings are designed, constructed, operated, maintained, and renewed will be reimagined with decarbonization in mind.

For concrete producers, in particular, decarbonization will become a key differentiator as the focus on the reduction of embodied carbon comes to the forefront.

In this webinar, Carl Elefante, the 94th President of the American Institute of Architects, will:

  • Present a decarbonization roadmap for the construction industry;
  • Discuss the transformation and renewal of 20th Century Buildings to recover embodied carbon; and
  • Create the imperative for 21st Century Buildings to become carbon sinks.

About the Speaker

Carl Elefante FAIA, FAPT, LEED AP
94th President
The American Institute of Architects

Throughout his luminous career, Carl has championed the concept of sustainable stewardship. As an architect, preservation specialist, and sustainability advocate, he has pioneered design concepts that reflect a breakthrough combination of historic and environmental preservation. His commitment to sustainable practices is evident throughout his portfolio, ranging from iconic buildings to complex Modern-era structures. His work also includes heritage plans for campuses and multi-building sites. Carl believes that the imperative of sustainable, ethical stewardship applies to all types of historic structures. His leadership and ideas have challenged and advanced the architectural profession and enhanced the experience of all those who visit the buildings that he has helped modernize.

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