CO₂ Utilization for More Sustainable Ready Mix Concrete

During this webinar Dr. Sean Monkman, Senior Vice President of Technology Development at CarbonCure, will explain how an optimum dose of carbon dioxide (CO2) is added to ready mix concrete during mixing and batching, where it mineralizes to form an in-situ nanoscale carbonate reaction product.

The concrete compressive strength and cement efficiency can be improved and the mix can be adjusted to use less cement. The binding of CO2 along with a lower cement loading reduces the carbon footprint of concrete.

The talk will describe CarbonCure's technology as it used in almost 300 locations worldwide.

In this session you will learn:

  • The environmental impact of the concrete and cement sectors;
  • How CarbonCure’s technology reduces the CO2 impact of ready mix concrete;
  • The technical impact on the concrete’s strength and durability;
  • How ready mix producers have seen profitable results with this technology.


About the Speaker

Dr. Sean Monkman, PhD PEng
SVP Technology Development
CarbonCure Technologies

Dr. Sean Monkman is the Senior Vice President of Technology Development for CarbonCure Technologies. He oversees the company’s research and intellectual property efforts as they develop scalable carbon utilization technologies to create more sustainable concrete. Sean holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from McGill University. His career has included more than 25 years working in concrete materials including 15 years working on CO2 utilization approaches. Sean has authored more than three dozen papers and presentations on beneficial carbon dioxide utilization in concrete production and is a co-inventor on over 40 issued and pending patents related to the work. He was recognized the Mission Innovation Champion for Canada at the Fourth Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-4) in 2019. Sean is active within American Concrete Institute as chair of the Sustainability and Concrete Construction Sustainability Assessor committees, in addition to membership on the Chemical Admixtures, Materials, Nanotechnology, and Performance Criteria committees.