How Being Sustainable Beat Out The Competition

With extreme weather impacting every member of the community, Butler Concrete has made sustainability a cornerstone of their business strategy in Victoria, BC. Each stage of their model involves the use of sustainable materials and innovative technologies that reduce and sequester CO₂ emissions - and alongside, provide a meaningful brand differentiation and value proposition to their Vancouver Island customers.

Thanks to the diverse applicability of their sustainability focus including the generation of carbon credits, Butler’s positioned themselves at the top of their market with their unique product and service offering.

Hear from Travis Butler, President of Butler Concrete & Aggregate, about his company’s journey to industry leaders in their community and how CO₂ Utilization is used as a strategy to unlock environmental, financial, and competitive advantages.

You'll learn:

  • How local municipalities embraced the use of lower carbon concrete in public procurement
  • How carbon credit generation provided a second revenue stream for the organization
  • How the Butler brand has been received and recognized within the Vancouver Island community

Webinar Speakers

Travis Butler
President & CEO, Butler Concrete & Aggregate