Shrinking Carbon Emissions Through Innovative Cement and Concrete Technologies

The concrete industry has entered a period of rapid innovation to address what is perceived to be its biggest challenge: its carbon footprint. According to Architecture 2030, buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions—and a significant portion of that comes from the manufacture of building materials like concrete.

To address this, major players in the cement and concrete industry have set themselves aggressive targets for 2030 and are looking at new and existing technologies to help meet them.

Watch this webinar to hear from industry experts as they discuss how concrete producers and the AEC community can work together on practical solutions for carbon reduction and removal.

Learn how:

  • Supplementary Cementitious Materials can reduce the Global Warming Potential of concrete by 25-35%;
  • Low-carbon Portland-limestone cement can reduce CO₂ emissions by a further 10%;
  • Capture and utilization technology like CarbonCure are a permanent solution to carbon removal.


Webinar Speakers


Adam Auer                      Matt Dalkie
Cement Association           Lafarge Canada Inc.
of Canada

Kevin Davis
CarbonCure Technologies