Unlocking Cement Efficiency and Carbon Removal in Precast/Prestressed Production

As specifiers, end users and purchasers focus more attention on the environmental impact of concrete production, precast/prestressed concrete producers are in a unique position to lead the way in taking new and innovative approaches to lower the carbon impact of concrete.

One such approach utilizes waste CO2 as a beneficial admixture – resulting in a more efficient use of cement that unlocks both environmental and economic benefits for producers.

Watch this on-demand webinar in collaboration with PCI to learn the facts about how CO2 Utilization can be used as a strategy to unlock environmental, financial, and competitive advantages in precast/prestressed concrete production.

You'll learn:

  • How precast concrete compares to other building materials in terms of sustainability
  • How CO2 can be upcycled to allow more efficient use of cement and permanent carbon removal in precast/prestressed concrete production
  • The science behind how CO2 impacts fresh properties and durability
  • Financial and competitive advantages of producing sustainable precast/prestressed products

Webinar Speakers

Sean Monkman
Sean Monkman, PEng, PHD
Senior Vice President of Technology Development, CarbonCure