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CarbonCure Technologies has been named one of ten finalists in the global $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE for its technology that profitably converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into stronger and greener concrete.

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NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Finalist Video


The CarbonCure XPRIZE Project


The Carbon XPRIZE challenges competitors to convert CO₂ emissions into valuable products, with the purpose of identifying the most scalable technologies to unlock massive CO₂ reductions and economic opportunities.

CarbonCure has been named one of five finalists in the Calgary Track, which will focus on demonstrating technologies at a natural gas power plant in Calgary, Alberta. Five additional finalists will separately compete in the Gillette Track at a coal power plant in Gillette, Wyoming.


Our Team

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CarbonCure’s XPRIZE team, led by CarbonCure's Executive Vice President Jennifer Wagner, is the only female-led team remaining in the competition.

Team CarbonCure consists of leaders across the industry value chain, including cement and concrete producer Cementos Argos S.A., concrete producers Thomas Concrete and BURNCO Rock Products, industrial gas company Praxair, Inc., carbon capture innovator Sustainable Energy Solutions, engineering specialist Kline Consulting LLC, as well as many members of the design and construction community such as LS3P Architects, Uzun + Case Structural Engineering, and Walter P. Moore Structural Engineers.

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Carbon dioxide utilization technologies are expected to create new markets worth $1.1 trillion and reduce global greenhouse gases by up to 15% by the year 2030.

Contact us to learn more about CarbonCure's role in the carbon dioxide utilization market.

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