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Sustainability in Concrete Makes Good Business Sense

Produce the same reliable concrete, with a reduced carbon footprint and grow your business with the green building market.

Our Technologies

What is CarbonCure?

CarbonCure manufactures carbon dioxide removal technologies for concrete producers of all sizes. The technology injects a precise dosage of captured carbon dioxide into concrete during mixing, where it mineralizes. This improves the concrete’s compressive strength, enabling mix optimization and significant carbon footprint reductions as well as cost savings.

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See it in Action

CarbonCure injects CO₂ into fresh concrete via the Valve Box. Batching is controlled by the Control Box, which is synced with the software in the control room — so it is as easy and simple as adding an admixture.

Our Technologies

CarbonCure Ready Mix
25 lb per cubic yard / 15 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

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34 lb per cubic yard / 20 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

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CarbonCure Reclaimed Water
25 lb per cubic yard / 15 kg per cubic meter CO2 saved

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CarbonCure Masonry
1 lb / 0.5 kg CO2 saved per 30 standard blocks 

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Good for Business

Producing concrete with CarbonCure reduces reliance on cement, optimizing operations and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry.

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Good for the Community

Concrete companies who choose to produce sustainable concrete with CarbonCure are leaders, setting examples in their communities by creating a more sustainable built environment.


Good for the Environment

With CarbonCure, concrete producers can create a legacy of sustainability in their communities while attracting and retaining employees who want to work for an employer that does something positive for the environment.

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no upfront costs
No upfront capital costs.

Concrete producers enter into a monthly licensing agreement that requires no upfront investment.

No business interuption copy
No interruption to business.

CarbonCure's technology is installed in mere hours, and syncs seamlessly with all existing batching software.

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Committed to your success.

From installation to implementation, CarbonCure's technical and sustainability sales and marketing services have you covered.

sustainable concrete satisfaction guaranteed
Satisfaction guaranteed.

CarbonCure's Technical Services & Support team works with quality control teams to ensure implementation goes smoothly within the first 120 days—satisfaction guaranteed.


“I think we had the foresight to get ahead of the direction our industry is inevitably headed in.”

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Jeff McPherson
Vice President of Customer Development, imi View Case Study