Carbon Removal with CarbonCure Concrete: Immediate, Here and Now

Every bit of carbon savings and every passing second matters, because Earth’s emissions problem is massive and the timeline for action is urgent. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other top climate bodies have made very clear that we need to move very rapidly this decade to ensure both robust emissions reductions and a wide range of carbon dioxide removal methods—from trees to tech.

At CarbonCure, we’re very proud that our carbon mineralization technologies are already making a measurable impact. Today.

A CarbonCure field engineer installing one of CarbonCure’s 500 carbon mineralization systems.

Time is Ticking

At this moment, many proposed carbon removal pathways are still conceptual or even aspirational. To be clear, we are rooting for all of them to succeed, for the sake of our planet and our children. But time is ticking. And until those other tools are available and scalable, we’re proud to lead the charge now. 

As you’re reading this, CarbonCure is actively storing carbon dioxide at thousands of construction sites across North America and worldwide: high rises, roads, schools and tech campuses. This isn’t a plan or a pilot project in search of a breakthrough. It does not require years to design and construct or decades to plant and grow. 

Central Concrete delivering CarbonCure concrete to a job site in San Francisco, CA. (Image via Central Concrete)

An Immediate Solution

CarbonCure is immediate—here and now. It takes less than a day for us to retrofit existing concrete plants with our technologies, and we already have 500 installation sites around the world. 

CarbonCure is also immediate in the sense that carbon mineralization is immediate. As soon as carbon dioxide is injected into a fresh concrete mix using CarbonCure’s technologies, that CO₂ converts into a mineral. The chemical reaction is instant, and the CO₂ is forever eliminated from the atmosphere—for millenia. 

Our carbon removal methods are validated, not anticipated. CarbonCure has a robust, scientifically rigorous methodology to verify the carbon savings generated by its technologies.  This robust methodology was developed with Verra, the world’s leading greenhouse gas crediting program, ensuring that we translate our process into a unique, verifiable, high-quality carbon credit offering.  

Fully developed and widely deployed, our technologies currently remove and reduce more than 62,000 metric tons of CO₂ annually. To date, we have achieved more than 132,000 metric tons of carbon savings with carbon mineralization in more than two million truckloads of concrete. In fact, our tech is currently used in 100,000 truckloads a month.

Because our business is verified, self-sustaining and fully financed, we’ve transitioned from start-up mode to scale-up mode. By replicating our success, every week, we aim to save and permanently store significantly more CO₂. 

Miller & Long crew pours CarbonCure concrete at Amazon's HQ2 in Arlington, VA.

Join Our Effort

There is nothing keeping us from meeting our mission to deploy to annually remove and reduce 500 million metric tons of CO₂ emissions by 2030. Our suite of carbon mineralization technologies is in the market and on the rise. We simply need more partners to join us.

Learn more about purchasing our carbon removal credits by emailing

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