CarbonCure Announces Recipients of its Sustainability in Concrete Scholarship

CarbonCure Technologies—in collaboration with the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program—is proud to announce the recipients of its CarbonCure Sustainability in Concrete Scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year.

This year’s recipients are:

Showcasing a keen interest in advancing sustainability within the concrete industry, these talented students will each be awarded a $2,000 scholarship to bolster their educational pursuits and professional growth.

The growing demand for low-carbon construction materials offers concrete producers the opportunity to adopt innovative techniques and technologies, such as CarbonCure, to reduce carbon emissions and expand their businesses.

The CIM Program equips aspiring leaders in concrete manufacturing and the construction sector with the essential skills and strategies to spearhead innovation and facilitate a constructive shift towards environmentally friendly building materials. 

During the application process, each scholarship recipient submitted a 1,000-word essay articulating their views on concrete production as an opportunity to stabilize our climate. They also outlined their personal commitment to contribute to creating a more sustainable future through their careers in the concrete industry.

In her essay, South Dakota State University student Emma Roth wrote, “My plan to further sustainable concrete involves a multifaceted approach, research and development, education, collaboration, and continuous learning. My strong educational background and interest in sustainability on job sites will drive me to create the best material for future use.”

Upon graduation from SDSU, Emma plans to continue her education through Middle Tennessee State University's Concrete Industry Management MBA program. She aspires to work as a sales representative for a ready mix or chemicals company.

Meanwhile, Brian Eayrs of Middle Tennessee State University plans to be involved in R&D efforts aimed at improving the sustainability of concrete. 

“Whether it's refining CCS technologies, developing new low carbon binders, or exploring innovative mix designs, I envision myself at the forefront of sustainable concrete research,” he wrote. “I envision a future where concrete production is not just carbon-neutral, but carbon-negative.”

With his CIM education at NJIT, Nikolaos Figueroa intends to educate the broader construction community and policymakers about the importance of adopting environmentally responsible construction methods. 

“I plan to work closely with architects, engineers, developers and other stakeholders to ensure that sustainable concrete practices are seamlessly integrated into their projects. Collaboration fosters innovation and accelerates the adoption of sustainable solutions,” Nikolaos wrote.

Matthew Pasemann at Texas State University wants to do project management in concrete general contracting, with an interest in quality control and concrete design. 

“I intend to launch into the industry in roles where I can make use of sustainable materials in concrete structures and positively impact the industry,” he wrote.

In his essay, CSU Chico State student Anthony McDermott wrote about his exposure to lower carbon concrete technologies like CarbonCure during his experience as an intern with Central Concrete Supply Company. He aspires to become a sales representative or a plant manager at a ready mix concrete company.

“I believe that I could be of most help from the inside, helping optimize concrete mixtures and ensuring that best practices are being followed for sustainability as well as profit,” he wrote. “Sustainability in concrete is not just a goal but a responsibility that I am determined to uphold and advance throughout my career.”

A significant number of CarbonCure's staff members have completed the CIM Program, gaining valuable insights from a business management education with its focus on concrete. Many of CarbonCure’s concrete producer partners also turn to the CIM Program for recruitment.

"CarbonCure remains committed to nurturing the growth of upcoming concrete industry leaders, encouraging their interest in sustainability,” said CarbonCure CEO Rob Niven. “We also welcome this opportunity to support the next generation of innovators. This talented group, by mid-century, no doubt will be thriving at the pinnacle of their concrete careers, playing pivotal roles in the industry-wide effort to reach net zero.”

Interested in working at CarbonCure? Visit our Careers page to explore open roles and learn about our mission and culture.

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