Meet CarbonCure’s Lab Team: Yogi Sargam

Welcome to the second edition of our behind-the-scenes series at CarbonCure's research lab, where we showcase the passionate individuals spearheading the industry's push toward sustainability. Last week, we visited the Director of Technical Customer Solutions, Alex Hanmore, to hear his story and experience a day in his life at CarbonCure.

This week, we step into the world of Yogi Sargam, CarbonCure’s Director of Research - Science.

Profile Snapshot

Name: Yogiraj (Yogi) Sargam
Title: Director of Research - Science
Tenure at CarbonCure: 2.5 years
Educational Background: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering Materials from Iowa State University

Choosing to Make a Difference

Yogi stepped into the CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage) industry fueled by his passion to confront climate change head-on. He believes immediate action is critical and sees the industry as a battleground for positive change. 

“My decision to join CarbonCure was my first step towards being part of the mitigation efforts that are urgently needed in our world,” shared Yogi.

Yogi’s Role at CarbonCure

As the Director of Research - Science, Yogi spends his days deep in research, focusing on CarbonCure’s Ready Mix and Reclaimed Water technologies. He uses advanced scientific tools to understand, test, and document the solutions and provide granular explanations of their benefits and mechanisms.

Yogi's role is pivotal in ensuring that CarbonCure’s technological solutions are not just practical but also scientifically sound.

Career Highlights at CarbonCure

When asked about past projects he’s proud of, Yogi reminisces about his research study titled, "How does using CO2 improve the strength of concrete?" 

With the use of cutting-edge tools like scanning electron microscopy and indentation, he mapped out the nano and macro-scale mechanical transformations in concrete triggered by CO2 injection. His research shed light on the formation of a CSH-CaCO3 intermixed product, which is instrumental in enhancing the strength of concrete when utilizing CarbonCure’s Ready Mix technology.

This project demonstrates Yogi’s dedication to advancing the industry’s understanding of sustainable concrete solutions.

The Lab Experience

For Yogi, CarbonCure’s research lab is more than a workplace — it’s a dynamic environment where motivation and fun intersect. 

The collective ambition to combat climate change creates a shared sense of purpose that Yogi finds both inspiring and fulfilling.

Looking Ahead

Yogi is currently excited by the upcoming commercialization of CarbonCure’s Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) technology. Treatment of recycled concrete aggregates with CO2 has the potential to reduce and remove significant embodied carbon from concrete made with RCA. The CO2 reacts with the hydrated cement paste component of the crushed concrete to mineralize, forming calcium carbonate while also improving the properties of the aggregates and the concrete produced with the aggregates. 

Yogi is also eager to embark on groundbreaking CO2  utilization research in collaboration with esteemed universities and laboratories around the world.

“These projects underscore the ongoing innovation at CarbonCure. We don’t sit on our laurels around here — we’re always iterating and working on the next breakthrough to help further decarbonize the concrete industry,” said Yogi.

Stay Tuned for More Lab Insights

As our series continues, we invite you to meet more of the passionate lab team, like Yogi Sargam, who are the driving force behind CarbonCure’s innovative efforts. Their expertise, dedication, and vision are moving the needle towards a more sustainable future in the concrete industry. 

Keep an eye out for more stories that bring the magic of CarbonCure's lab to life.

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