Meet CarbonCure’s Lab Team: Alex Hanmore

Welcome to the first article in our series exploring the team behind the scenes at CarbonCure's research lab. 

We kick off the series with a deep dive into the work of Alex Hanmore. 

Profile Snapshot

Name: Alex Hanmore
Title: Director of Technical Customer Solutions
Tenure at CarbonCure: 6 years
Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Dalhousie University

Journey to CarbonCure

During his third year at university, Alex got his first taste of the concrete industry with a co-op work term in concrete quality control. It was an eye-opening experience, but his second term with CarbonCure, with its research focus, truly resonated with him. 

"I enjoyed working in concrete QC, but I was really excited about more research opportunities. CarbonCure offered that chance during my subsequent work term. I instantly recognized this as my true passion and returned to join the team post-graduation," shared Alex.

A Typical Day at CarbonCure’s Lab

As the Director of Technical Customer Solutions, Alex manages the customer support lab. He has a variety of responsibilities that make each day a little different from the next. One day he may be providing technical support to CarbonCure's international customers; another day, he may be conducting research into the current and future needs of ready mix producers. 

Alex also plays a leading role in the development of CarbonCure’s reclaimed water technology.

For Alex, the lab offers a fulfilling work environment. "Working in the lab has been rewarding. Our collaborative team tackles compelling challenges. Our shared goal? To drastically reduce carbon emissions in the concrete industry," he shared.

Career Highlights at CarbonCure

When asked about past projects that he’s proud of, Alex quickly points to the XPRIZE competition. 

In 2021, CarbonCure was named one of two USD $7.5 million grand prize winners of the prestigious XPRIZE. The contest — which took place in three rounds over four and a half years — challenged CarbonCure and over 2,000 applicants to develop breakthrough technologies to convert carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions into usable products, with the goal of tackling climate change. 

Alex played a key role in the team’s ultimate success in the competition, particularly in the final round, where the team demonstrated its newest commercial technology focused on carbonating reclaimed water — the wastewater generated at concrete plants — to enable the production of concrete with a reduced water, cement, and carbon footprint. 

In addition to the XPRIZE win, establishing CarbonCure's lab protocol stands out as a highlight for Alex, as it was a testament to the team's dedication to its customers. This protocol, under Alex's guidance, now effectively assesses customer material compatibility for even more proactive QC guidance.

Looking Ahead

The ever-evolving landscape of carbon reduction in the concrete industry keeps Alex on his toes. He is particularly enthusiastic about the potential expansion of CarbonCure's technologies into untapped markets. 

He's also interested in potential collaborations involving carbon capture technologies that could create completely circular economies — and decarbonization — at concrete plants.

Stay Tuned for the Next in Our Lab Series

Behind the groundbreaking innovations at CarbonCure, there's a team of passionate individuals like Alex Hanmore. Their dedication, expertise, and vision drive the concrete industry toward a more sustainable future. 

As we continue our series, stay tuned to meet more of the key faces in our lab and understand the magic that happens behind the scenes at CarbonCure.

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