CarbonCure Foundations Program: For Customer Success That's Built to Last

Achieve maximum value from your CarbonCure investment and help more of your customers realize the benefits of sustainable concrete.

Program Components

carboncure installation
A CarbonCure field engineer installing one of CarbonCure’s 500 carbon mineralization systems.

Installation and Commissioning Services

When you decide to implement CarbonCure, our team will walk you through the initial process, retrofitting the technology to your plant. We are even equipped to guide you through the installation process remotely.

We’ll then determine the optimal CO₂ injection rate and walk you through the CO₂ injection processes and integration with your batch operating systems.

We don’t just set-it-and-forget it—we provide you with remote telemetry for customer support and real-time system monitoring so you can rest assured that you’re ready to go.


Technical Services and Support

Our Technical Services and Support (TSS) team eases your transition to CarbonCure technology so you can reap all the rewards with none of the risk.

We work hands-on with your quality control team for the first 120 days of our partnership, so you can achieve the perfect mix for your requirements.

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Market Development Services

Once you’re up-and-running, our sales and marketing team helps train and empower your team so you can maximize new business opportunities with CarbonCure.

During the first 120 days, we’ll work on internal communications with your team and external announcements to your customers, provide sales and marketing materials targeted at your local contractor and specifier customers, and offer sales & messaging training so you can confidently position and sell CarbonCure to your customers.

We also have a lead sharing program for regional architecture, engineering, and construction prospects interested in specifying CarbonCure concrete.

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Lifetime Customer Success Services

After the first 120 days, our team will continue to support you by providing progress updates, assisting with new plant implementations, supporting your commercial specification efforts, providing you with data on your progress to date, and promoting your ongoing successes.

You’ll also have access to your own myCarbonCure portal for everything you need as you continue on your CarbonCure journey.


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Unlock Your Concrete’s Data

myCarbonCure helps you turn data into actionable insights to optimize your mixes.

  • Streamlined data from multiple different systems and platforms
  • Real, actionable mix performance insights
  • User-friendly software
  • Measure results of commercial projects
  • A single platform for management and operations
  • An opportunity to earn carbon removal credits
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Putting Safety First

Safety awareness and safety accessibility are built into the fabric of our company culture. We factor them into every decision we make—both within our own facilities and out in the field at our customers’ plants.

Our award-winning safety standards are evident from the moment we begin implementing our technology at your plant to our ongoing commitment to safety best practices.

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“Thomas Concrete is pleased to work with a technology that works with our existing equipment and mixes to unlock operational efficiencies while having a positive environmental impact.”

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Alan Wessel
CEO of Thomas Concrete, Inc. View Case Study