April 17, 2023

CarbonCure Technologies Announces First-of-a-Kind Verified Carbon Units

CarbonCure’s newest carbon credit offering sets a higher standard for quality, accountability and transparency in the voluntary carbon market

Halifax, Nova Scotia, April 17, 2023 — CarbonCure Technologies, the global leader in carbon removal technologies for the concrete industry, today announced the availability of CarbonCure verified carbon units (VCUs) from Verra, the world’s leading greenhouse gas (GHG) crediting program and carbon registry. CarbonCure’s third-party verified carbon units include the first VCUs for a technology-based approach to carbon removal ever registered by Verra.

Representing the combined mineralization and reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2), CarbonCure's verified carbon credits have undergone rigorous testing to meet the most stringent standards, ensuring unparalleled credibility and accountability.

One of the key features of a CarbonCure VCU is that it ensures the permanent storage of carbon dioxide in concrete, with the advantages of concrete’s global scale, active deployment and massive storage capacity, utilizing CO2 as a value-added product rather than simply burying it underground as waste. 

Immediately upon injection into concrete by CarbonCure, CO2 chemically converts into a mineral and becomes permanently removed from the atmosphere. Short-lived carbon storage, on the other hand, involves methods that have a higher risk of being reversed over decades, such as reforestation. CarbonCure’s mineralization of CO2 in concrete also boosts compressive strength, enabling reductions of carbon-intensive cement from each mix and reducing hard-to-abate emissions in the global concrete industry.

VCUs registered by Verra meet carbon market integrity standards established by trusted quality assurance organizations, including the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA).

“CarbonCure VCUs set a new benchmark by providing permanent carbon mineralization and reductions in a single, quantifiable and transparent carbon credit. It is exactly the type of transparency the industry needs to build trust and confidence among credit buyers and the broader climate community,” said CarbonCure Chair and CEO Robert Niven. 

“You can’t put a monitor on every tree in a nature-based offset project, but we can monitor every truckload of concrete produced and metric ton of CO2 saved with real-time telemetry and tracking built into every CarbonCure installation,” added Niven. “In partnership with our field-leading concrete producer partners, we’re rapidly scaling across hundreds of concrete plants around the world, supplying millions of truckloads of low-carbon concrete to thousands of construction projects.”

Many corporations purchase carbon credits directly from CarbonCure; meanwhile, some organizations or industries require that credits are verified by a third-party such as VCUs registered by Verra. Early purchasers of CarbonCure’s VCUs include corporations across industries pursuing climate goals and carbon credit platforms seeking high-quality credits for their customers.

“CarbonCure has demonstrated true leadership when it comes to new and innovative technology tackling standards and assurances in the voluntary carbon market,” said Brennan Spellacy, CEO & Co-founder of Patch. “We’re proud to offer CarbonCure's third-party verified credit units on the Patch platform and look forward to supporting their continued efforts to raise standards across the industry.”

Cloverly CEO Jason Rubottom said, “As early supporters of CarbonCure, we are thrilled to see their verified credits come to life. CarbonCure's VCUs represent the high level of quality, integrity and transparency that is needed by buyers to invest in the voluntary carbon market confidently.”

“Our methodology, and adherence to it, has gone through multiple audits with several third-party organizations to prove the quality, permanence and verifiability of each carbon credit we offer,” said Rahul Misra, Head of Carbon Product and Operations at CarbonCure. 

“Our goal is to continue developing our measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) solution to the point that it is easily compatible with any third-party verifier, ensuring our high-quality credits are available to as many buyers as possible,” Misra added. “Whether buyers purchase directly from CarbonCure or choose VCUs via Verra, they can be certain CarbonCure’s credits meet and exceed the highest standards, promising meaningful climate benefits that are both immediate and centuries-long.”

To learn how CarbonCure’s carbon credit program is fueling its ongoing innovation and global scale and incentivizing concrete industry decarbonization, visit our website.


About CarbonCure

CarbonCure Technologies, a fast-growing carbon dioxide removal tech company, is on a mission to reduce and remove 500 million metric tons of carbon emissions —equal to taking 100 million cars off the road each year. CarbonCure’s suite of technologies permanently store captured CO₂ in concrete through carbon mineralization. With hundreds of systems operating across the global concrete industry and a methodology verified by Verra, CarbonCure’s technologies currently save from the atmosphere thousands of metric tons of CO₂ each month—with significant growth and impact, year-over-year. CarbonCure’s cutting-edge research and innovation have garnered global recognition and prestigious titles, most notably Carbon XPRIZE Grand Prize Winner, 2022 CNBC Disruptor 50 List Company and Cleantech 100 Hall of Fame Company. CarbonCure’s investors include Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Amazon, Microsoft, Carbon Direct, and Mitsubishi Corporation.

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Mike Carter-Conneen
Sr. Director of Corporate Communications
CarbonCure Technologies

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