LinkedIn Middlefield Campus

Once Jennifer Mitchell, Lead of Headquarters Capital Projects, Workplace at LinkedIn, became the designated as the person responsible for overseeing the construction of LinkedIn’s new Middlefield campus, Mitchell knew that concrete could play an important role in achieving the company’s aggressive carbon reduction goals — which include a 75% reduction in carbon emissions for all of its offices by 2030.

Mitchell proceeded to partner with CarbonCure concrete producer, Central Concrete Supply Company, a business unit of U.S. Concrete, to build the campus with sustainable concrete. The initiative earned extensive press coverage, from CNN to Gates Notes (the blog of Bill Gates).

By the combined teams’ calculations, adding concrete made with CarbonCure to LinkedIn’s existing initiatives would reduce the carbon footprint of the building by an additional 5%, equalling 240,000 pounds of carbon savings. 240,000 pounds of carbon emissions is equivalent to approximately 150 acres of trees absorbing carbon in a year, or the emissions from driving 270,000 miles of a gas-powered vehicle.

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