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A Producer’s Guide to CarbonCure: Common Myths Debunked

Watch this short 30-minute webinar where the CarbonCure product marketing team debunk the most common myths and misunderstandings surrounding CarbonCure.

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CarbonCure Durability Assessment Report Thumbnail
Technical Note For Ready Mix Producers

CarbonCure Durability Assessment Report

This technical note reviews the conclusion that concrete treated with CO₂ had fresh state properties consistent with the desired performance. The required workability and air content was achieved. The surface resistivity, bulk resistivity and RCPT indicated that the two batches had comparable permeability. Corrosion measurements indicated corrosion had not started in either sample and pore solution pH was unaltered by the CO₂ treatment. Flexural strength increased 6%.

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Technical Note For Ready Mix Producers

Types of Concrete Carbonation

Concrete can be subjected to two distinct types of carbonation, weathering carbonation and early age carbonation. The CarbonCure Technology uses early age carbonation to sequester CO₂ into concrete. The document explores both types of carbonation in more detail.