A Producer’s Guide to CarbonCure: Common Myths Debunked

It’s been 10 years since CarbonCure began its mission to change the built environment with reduced carbon concrete. Since then, we’ve sold hundreds of systems around the world - and we’ve answered thousands of questions about our technologies.

Jill Truscott and Eric Yee, members of CarbonCure’s Marketing team, have heard it all. Listen to this short webinar as they debunk the most common myths and misunderstandings surrounding CarbonCure.

Some key findings that the webinar covers include:

  • Is CarbonCure an aggregate or an SCM?
  • Is CarbonCure an admixture?
  • Where does the CO2 come from?
  • What is carbon mineralization? Will it change my concrete?
  • Does CarbonCure require changes to my equipment or plant?

Webinar Speakers

Myths Webinar Nov2022_JillT Headshot
Jill Truscott
Director, Global Marketing, CarbonCure Technologies
Ericyee circle 150x150
Eric Yee
Manager, Product Marketing, CarbonCure Technologies