Everything You Need to Know About CarbonCure, But Were Afraid to Ask

CarbonCure’s carbon removal technology has been implemented in nearly 300 concrete plants across the United States and Canada and has been used in over 8 million cubic yards of concrete delivered to projects ranging from rural residential driveways to Amazon’s Headquarters in North Virginia.

Watch this 45-minute webinar to get a closer look at how CarbonCure's innovative CO₂ technology is delivering value to concrete producers, including:

  • CarbonCure's technology is installed in concrete plants and integrated into existing batching procedures
  • Testing and mix optimization potential with CarbonCure-based mixes
  • Why low carbon concrete is critical in today’s competitive landscape
  • Leveraging CarbonCure to find and win commercial and public projects


Webinar Speakers


Shannon Seipel      Christie Gamble