How imi Wins New Business Through Innovation

Sustainable concrete mixes present an incredible business opportunity for concrete producers. However, some producers are still skeptical about the commercial viability of sustainable concrete and whether it would actually attract new customers.

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar featuring Jeff McPherson, VP of Customer Development at Irving Materials Inc. (imi), as he shares how imi has taken proactive sustainability steps, tapping into new innovations like CarbonCure to create a competitive advantage in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

You will learn how innovation has helped imi:

  • Discover new business opportunities in green building markets
  • Elevate its brand and win new business over the competition
  • Attract specifications from engineers and architects.


About the Speaker

Jeff McPherson joined Irving Materials, Inc. (imi) in 1996 and has served as the VP of Customer Development for the last 7 years. Jeff’s focus has been to direct Sales and Business Development to the right opportunities in order to balance the imi portfolio of work. These efforts have maximized profits and minimized risks.