Invert & CarbonCure: A Climate Success Story

Invert & CarbonCure: A Climate Success Story

In the spring of 2022, Invert Inc. signed an agreement to purchase $25 million in CarbonCure’s carbon reduction and removal credits over the next 30 years—the world’s largest investment in carbon mineralization and storage to date.

In this case study, Invert Co-CEO, Andre Fernandez, shares what prompted this milestone investment and what others looking to purchase high-quality carbon credits can learn from it.

Access this case study to discover:

  • what Invert’s organizational mission is
  • how Invert takes a portfolio approach for carbon offsetting
  • what attracted Invert to CarbonCure’s carbon credit offering
  • how Invert’s purchase is helping to accelerate and scale carbon removal through carbon mineralization in concrete

“CarbonCure has one of the most durable solutions we’ve seen. There’s virtually no risk of reversal. On the scale of ton-per-year storage, CarbonCure is on the extreme end of value.”

andre fernandez
Andre Fernandez
Co-CEO at Invert

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