A Low Carbon Concrete Success Story for Precast / Prestressed Concrete Producers

Driven by a passion for community and delivering on the vision of their customers, Conewago Manufacturing in Hanover, PA implemented Carbon Cure's technology to provide the highest quality, sustainable products to their market.

Watch this 30-minute presentation as we explore how Conewago integrated CarbonCure's technology into their 131,000 sq. ft precast and prestressed manufacturing facility.

You'll learn:

  • What drove Conewago's decision to expand CarbonCure Precast into their precast operations
  • A QA perspective on implementing, testing and using CarbonCure in precast / prestressed concrete manufacturing
  • The new projects Conewago is supplying low carbon concrete products for
  • How sustainability is a competitive advantage when bidding on projects

Webinar Speakers

Collin bender round
Collin Bender
QC Manager, Conewago Manufacturing