How Shopify is building carbon removal economies of scale

How Shopify is building carbon removal economies of scale

Carbon credit markets are among the fastest-growing financial markets in the world. Since introducing its Sustainability Fund in 2019, Shopify has been a pioneer of purchasing high-quality carbon credits within the voluntary carbon market to offset its emissions and fight climate change globally. The company has notably taken a unique approach by intentionally paying a premium for credits that accelerate the development of carbon removal technologies.

Watch this fireside chat with Stacy Kauk, Head of Sustainability, and Mitchel Selby, Sustainability Fund Program Manager at Shopify to learn how the company is helping to build economies of scale through their carbon credit purchases and how they're expanding their efforts by co-launching Frontier, an advance market commitment.

In this session you'll learn:

  • The approach Shopify takes when looking for carbon removal projects to support
  • The elements of a carbon credit that are most valuable to Shopify
  • How Shopify evaluates and selects companies to purchase credits from
  • Why Shopify founded Frontier, alongside its partners, and what they hope to achieve

Webinar Speakers

Stacy Kauk Shopify
Stacy Kauk
Head of Sustainability, Shopify
Mitchel Selby
Program Manager, Sustainability Fund, Shopify
Rob Niven
CEO, CarbonCure Technologies

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