Shopify & CarbonCure: A Climate Success Story

Shopify & CarbonCure: A Climate Success Story

Shopify launched its Sustainability Fund in 2019 to catalyze the carbon removal industry. So far, this leading global commerce company has committed more than $30 million to 20+ carbon removal companies, including CarbonCure Technologies.

Stacy Kauk, Head of Sustainability, and Mitchel Selby, Sustainability Fund Program Manager, at Shopify share what the leading global commerce company looks for when buying carbon removal credits.

Get full access to this case study to discover:

  • Shopify’s reasons for funding carbon removal solutions
  • what the company looks for in projects and developers
  • why it continues to invest in CarbonCure carbon credits
  • what advice the sustainability team has for other carbon credit buyers

“CarbonCure is one of the leading carbon storage companies globally. By purchasing carbon credits from them now, we’re helping them scale up on their journey to store carbon at climate relevant scales by 2030.”

Stacy Kauk Shopify
Stacy Kauk
Head of Sustainability at Shopify

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