High Performance Concrete That Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

CarbonCure manufactures a technology that introduces recycled CO₂ into fresh concrete to reduce its carbon footprint without compromising performance. Join the concrete producers who are using CarbonCure in hundreds of ready mix plants globally.

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Tonnes of CO₂ Saved Truckloads Delivered

How it Works

Batching is controlled by a simple interface, the CarbonCure Control Box, which is integrated with the plant’s batching software. 

In a ready mix dry batch application, the CO₂ is injected into the hopper; while in a central mix or masonry application, the CO₂ is injected into the central mixer.

Sustainability Makes Good Business Sense

Produce high-performing, more sustainable concrete with CarbonCure and grow your business with the green building market.

Concrete Technology Improves Profitability
Improve Profitability

Decrease costs and improve business operations with a proven technology that reduces cement content and requires no upfront capital investment.

Concrete Technology Driving Business Value
Grow Your Business

Gain a competitive advantage and win new business in the growing green building market with better, more sustainable concrete.

Concrete Technology easily implemented
Implement Easily

Get started quickly with an easy-to-implement solution that can be retrofit into any concrete plant and has no upfront costs, backed by CarbonCure’s commitment to your success.

Join the concrete producers who are using CarbonCure today in hundreds of ready mix plants around the world.

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