New Micro-Documentary Features Rob Niven and His Vision for CarbonCure

In early summer 2021, a new media company, Pique Action, approached CarbonCure Chair and CEO Rob Niven with a proposal: Participate in a new kind of documentary on climate change — one that would combat climate anxiety with hope.

The 3.5-minute documentary was filmed in May and released in October as the second in a weekly series by Pique Action. Each film features an innovative climate tech company that is using science and human ingenuity to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

Uniquely, Pique Action focuses on the visionaries behind various climate technologies. In the CarbonCure documentary, the filmmakers dive into Rob’s life, filming him paddleboarding with his daughter near their home in British Columbia, Canada. They highlight his personal motivations for building a climate tech company and his hopes for the future.

Combating Climate “Doomscrolling”

“Doomscrolling” refers to our modern tendency to spend an excessive amount of time absorbing negative news on our mobile devices, even though the news is disheartening or depressing. 

To combat climate doomscrolling, Kip Pastor, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Pique Action said in a recent interview with Axios, "We really want to change the conversation. And the way we're going to do that is with short-form viral content on social media."

Pique Action’s unique style focuses on the characters behind climate tech to show audiences that the challenge is surmountable and that normal people are developing solutions today to create meaningful change.

Kip explained, “Through these entrepreneurs, we explore the genius of innovation and how new technologies will help to save our world. Our angle is always following the human story, which is how we connect with the audience. In other words, we don’t make educational videos, we make entertaining films that also educate.”

Activating Participation

Kip’s goal for Pique Action is to move people from curiosity to action. “Documentary films are proven to have an impact on the way people think, feel and act. We tell stories about the most critical issue of our time — climate change — and help audiences transform from passive viewers into active participants ready to engage with the issues that impact us all,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rob hopes the opportunity to share his vision with a wider audience will encourage more problem solvers to join the global effort to decarbonize our world and stabilize the climate. And perhaps some will even be inspired to pursue partnerships, projects, or career opportunities with CarbonCure.

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